5 Enemies That Could Be Destiny 2: Forsaken's Raid Boss

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With Destiny 2: Forsaken right around the corner, many fans are clamoring to know more about the epic raid coming with the DLC. While Bungie has not said much, they have said that the raid will take place in the heart of the Dreaming City, a sacred site to the Awoken race.

Bungie has also teased players with a series of cryptic hints and trailers that left fans with more questions than answers as to who the final boss of the raid will be. Based on what is known so far about the Dreaming City and the new raid, including some information from the recent leaks, here are some of the possible bosses in the Dreaming City raid.


Savathun is the sister of Oryx, The Taken King. There are tons of hints and teases heralding the arrival of Savathun in the Sol system in Destiny 2. From cryptic references in adventures to scannable objects across Io, traces of Savathun are everywhere, making her a possible end boss for a raid, much like her sibling Oryx was.

Savathun is one of the three originators of the Hive. Originally known as Sathona, she and her two sisters, Aurash and Xi Ro, were members of the race known as Krill on the planet Fundament. After the fall of their dynasty, the three sisters dove into the depths of Fundament and made a deal with the Worm Gods. In exchange for power and immortality, the three sisters would carry worm larvae within them and feed them through acts that embody each of the sister’s traits. In making this deal, the sisters’ identities changed: Aurash became Auryx and turned into a male (who would later transform again into Oryx), Xi Ro became Xivu Arath, and Sathona became Savathun.

The three original Hive had to feed the worms within them by embodying the trait they were known for. Auryx was known for the pursuit of understanding, Xivu Arath was known for strength, and Savathun was known for cunning and trickery. Together, these three Hive would create the ravenous race players encounter in Destiny today. Savathun controls the Taken now that Oryx is no more, so she may be the mastermind behind the corruption of the Dreaming City.

However, it would be disappointing if players fought Savathun in the raid with little-to-no actual story lead-up. With The Taken King, there was the whole Regicide storyline leading up to King’s Fall, and Savathun deserves the same build-up for how long the fans have been waiting to see her. With Forsaken focusing on tracking down the Barons and Uldren, it seems unlikely that she will be the primary focus of the campaign, despite what many fans believe.


The recent Dreaming City trailer showed off what could be a new enemy type that players will encounter within the City’s walls: Taken Techeuns. Techeuns are a unique type of Awoken that serve under the Queen of the Reef as advisors and powerful magic wielders. Not much is known about the Techeuns aside from the fact that they are powerful and work together in covens. They made their first appearance in the opening cinematic of The Taken King when assisting Queen Mara Sov with the assault on the Dreadnaught.

While the Techeuns may not be the big final boss of the raid, they may make an appearance in an encounter or as one of the secondary bosses. The Techeuns in the Dreaming City trailer seemed to be Taken, or at least harnessing Taken energy, which is a possibility considering the Awoken have been experimenting with Taken energy. In the Grimoire card Report: Taken Power, the Awoken used Taken energy to create weapons and armor that were incredibly powerful – like the Dreadfang sword in Destiny. So even if they are not fully Taken, they may have lost some of themselves due to the corrupting power of Taken energy.

Mara Sov

Mara Sov, (former) Queen of the Awoken, was presumably killed during the Awoken assault on the Dreadnaught. Her, and most of her fleet, were destroyed by Oryx in an enormous Taken blast. Despite Mara and the Techeuns’ best attempts to destroy the Dreadnaught, they failed. However, some fans believe that the Queen is not dead, or at least that she is coming back. In another recent leak from Reddit user Ginsor, who was responsible for the earlier Forsaken info leak, they showed off a Warlock armor set with some interesting Lore tabs.

It seems that Mara Sov somewhat survived the Taken blast, sending her adrift in the Ascendant Plane much like Toland the Shattered is. Through the Reverie Dawn armor lore tabs, it seems that Mara clawed her way out of the Ascendant Plane following the death of Oryx. She returned to the Dreaming City in a new body, though it “shares none of the molecules that comprised the code of her former body” so she may be different than how fans remember her. The question is: does Mara Sov return to the Sol system as an ally to the Guardians, or as a corrupted shell of who she once was?

A New Taken Threat

One of the main threats in the Dreaming City is the corruption that eats away at the heart of the Awoken homeland. Judging by the Dreaming City trailer, it is clear that the corruption is the Taken, and the merging of the Dreaming City and the Ascendant Plane only brings more Hive. While it seems that Savathun is helming the Taken in the Sol system currently, it is possible that she may send a powerful Taken enemy to oversee the Dreaming City in her place.

If the armor lore tabs from Ginsor are to be believed, then the taken in the heart of the Dreaming City are servants or creations of another “scheming, secretive sister” which heavily implies that it is at least somewhat due to Savathun. While we don’t know what the strong creature is, there’s a good chance it is tied to the Taken in some form so players should bring their best gear to take it down.


The Ahamkara are a race of wish dragons that many Guardians believed to be extinct. Ahamkara had vast knowledge and the ability to grant wishes, so the leaders of the Last City believed them to be too dangerous, as Guardians stopped at nothing to seek these dragons out for wishes. So the Ahamkara were killed en masse and driven to extinction. But it seems that perhaps some survived the Great Ahamkara Hunt.

Many fans believed that an Ahamkara would be the final boss of the Dreaming City raid due to some specific word choice in a Game Informer article. The article said that the Dreaming City was “the elven homeland under threat from an insidious dragon” though some fans took this metaphor at face value as opposed to figurative language.

destiny concept art the last great ahamkara

However, it seems that the leaked armor’s lore tabs indicate that perhaps an Ahamkara survived the Great Hunt and sought refuge in the Dreaming City. Riven is a being mentioned in the armor set, which seems to be one of the targets that Guardians must track down in the Awoken homeland. It is possible that Riven may be the raid’s boss, or perhaps Savathun turned Riven into a Taken enemy. If this is true, then hopefully Bungie does not mess up the story of this mythical being, as this may be one of the last Ahamkara in existence.

Regardless of what raid bosses will be, Bungie assured fans that the raid will be epic and contain plenty of boss fights. These are just a few of the characters or enemies that could be present when players take on the Dreaming City raid in Forsaken. Hopefully, fans will be amazed by whatever Bungie has hidden deep in the heart of the Dreaming City.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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