Destiny 2 Forsaken: PvP Level Advantages are Turned On in Gambit

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Gambit is the new mode coming to Destiny 2 with Forsaken, the game's fall expansion. Gambit is a hybrid between PvE and PvP where two teams face off in separate arenas to see which team can clear their own arena of PvE enemies. Of course, there's a PvP twist, which allows for teams to interfere with each other's progress as well as having two chances per match to invade the other team's side of the map.

Talking with Polygon, Bungie design lead Lars Bakken shed some new light on Destiny 2's new Gambit mode, saying that there won't be any way for players to overlevel the PvE combatants in Gambit even at the level cap. He also said that like Iron Banner and Trials, level advantages will be turned on for those two PvP encounters during the match:

“Our goals are that with power against PvE combatants, Gambit is an evergreen experience. So, if you are power 450 or power 600, which is the maximum in Forsaken, we always want it to be a fun experience. [...] You’re never going to over-level those combatants. But the one difference is that Guardian-versus-Guardian power is on.”

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This is a different twist, considering every normal Crucible mode in the game, from Competitive and Quickplay, a player's Power level does not have an impact on the game. Just to be clear, Gambit is its own mode and has its own node on the Director separate from Crucible, but the comparison for the PvP portion of the mode can be made. Since the launch of Destiny 2, even Iron Banner and Trials of the Nine have not had level advantages turned on, but that will change with Forsaken with those specific modes having players' Power levels matter much more.

Bakken warns that because level advantages are on in Gambit, invading or being invaded can be "highly dangerous, especially if you're low power." When a player invades the opposing arena, they are granted a buff that gives them an overshield to their health, making them even harder to kill. So it's not hard to see how a player at the new 600 Power level cap could wreak absolute havoc invading an opposing team who were of significantly lower level.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Polygon

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