Destiny 2: Forsaken adds a ton of new content for fans to enjoy, including new and returning exotics. While fans received Update 2.0.0 yesterday to prepare for Forsaken, the Destiny 2 item database also received an update which added a ton of Forsaken items for players to read about. Using this database, players have found a ton of new exotics coming on September 4. While there may be more hidden exotics, here is every known exotic coming with Forsaken.

Exotic Weapons


The Cerberus+1 exotic auto rifle was one of the first Forsaken exotics to be showcased. Taking inspiration from the Contra spread-shot, this auto rifle fires a rapid burst of bullets in a cone ahead of the player thanks to the Four-Headed Dog perk. The Spread Shot Package perk then lets players aim down sights to focus the spread-shot for more accuracy.

destiny 2 forsaken cerberus+1 exotic auto rifle


Shown off in the TTK livestream, Wish-Ender is a new exotic bow that highlights enemies behind walls when aiming down sights thanks to the Queen’s Wrath intrinsic perk. The Broadhead perk makes it so the arrow over-penetrates and damages the target on both entry and exit.

destiny 2 forsaken exotic bow wish ender

Trinity Ghoul

The other new exotic bow is Trinity Ghoul, which shoots arrows that split after firing due to the Split Electron perk. The Lightning Rod perk gives chain lightning to the next shot after a precision kill. This one was shown off in the Forsaken reveal ViDoc.

destiny 2 forsaken trinity ghoul exotic bow

One Thousand Voices

This exotic heavy fusion rifle is one of the most unique exotics in the game. Originally shown off in the Forsaken exotic gear trailer, this weapon allows players to charge a continuous explosive beam thanks to the Ahamkara’s Eye perk. The Unforeseen Repercussions perk superheats targets and causes a delayed explosion.

destiny 2 forsaken one thousand voices exotic fusion rifle


This flashy new exotic hand cannon seems to be tied to Gambit in several ways, including a lore tab from The Drifter himself. This hand cannon’s Explosive Shadow perk creates an explosion after hitting the same enemy five times. The gun’s Taken Predator perk deals bonus damage to both Taken enemies and invading guardians during Gambit, a definite perk for those playing the new Gambit game mode.

destiny 2 forsaken malfeasance exotic hand cannon

Ace of Spades

Cayde-6 is dead, but Guardians will reclaim his hand cannon in Forsaken. This trusty hand cannon’s Memento Mori perk gives some bonus damage bullets if players reload after a kill. The radar will also stay active when aiming down sights. The gun will also have the iconic Firefly perk, which will cause precision kills to create an explosion of Solar energy.

destiny 2 forsaken ace of spaces exotic hand cannon

The Queenbreaker

One of the returning and remastered exotics is the Queenbreaker’s Bow from Destiny. The Queenbreaker is a heavy linear fusion rifle, and the Wire Rifle perk lets the gun fire a long-range precision Arc bolt that blinds enemies on contact. The gun can switch between Marksman and Combat sights for either long or short-range combat.

destiny 2 forsaken queenbreakers bow exotic fusion rifle

Two-Tailed Fox

This new exotic rocket launcher fires two rockets, one Void and one Solar, and both track enemies. The Play with Your Prey perk makes the Solar rocket deal damage over time while the Void rocket suppresses enemies, a deadly combination if both hit the same target.

destiny 2 forsaken two tailed fox exotic rocket launcher

The Chaperone

The Chaperone, a kinetic shotgun, is a returning exotic from Destiny: The Taken King. This shotgun is different than most shotguns since it features Precision Slug, a single-shot slug that deals massive damage. The Roadborn perk boosts handling, range, and precision damage after a precision kill. This is certainly a high-skill, high-reward kind of weapon.

destiny 2 forsaken the chaperone exotic shotgun

Lord of Wolves

Another returning weapon from the Prison of Elders, the Lord of Wolves secondary shotgun shoots a shrapnel blast, just like Fallen Captains do. Kills with the Shrapnel Launcher perk triggers the Release the Wolves perk, which doubles the number of projectiles per burst for a short time. While it wasn’t the most powerful gun before, it certainly was fun to use.

destiny 2 forsaken lord of wolves exotic shotgun

Black Talon

This exotic void sword is reminiscent of the Bolt-caster from Destiny: The Taken King. This sword allows players to launch a combo that sends a blast of void energy flying through the air thanks to the Crow’s Wings perk. It also features Tireless Blade which grants sword ammo from powered sword kills. With the buff to sword ammo reserves, this may make for a great combination.

destiny 2 forsaken black talon exotic sword


Rounding out the datamined weapons is Wavesplitter, an exotic void trace rifle.  Wavesplitter, much like Coldheart and Prometheus Lens, has different beam intensities which change while the trigger is held down thanks to the Harmonic Laser perk. The Supercharged Battery perk makes it so collecting an orb of light grants a period of maximum power that kicks off with an automatic reload.

destiny 2 coldheart exotic trace rifle

Warlock Exotic Armor

Chromatic Fire

With this chest piece’s Crystalline Transistor perk, Kinetic precision kills will cause explosions of the element of the player’s subclass. This piece could be fun to use during Heroic Strikes with elemental singes active. While fans haven’t found these exotics in-game yet, players have found a way to get Forsaken gear early.

destiny 2 forsaken chromatic fire exotic warlock armor

Phoenix Protocol

The Battle-Hearth perk on this chest piece grants super energy for any kill or assists made while standing in the player’s Well of Radiance. This may be one of the best exotics for the new Dawnblade subclass tree.

destiny 2 forsaken dawnblade well of radiance warlock super

Contraverse Hold

These exotic gauntlets focus on the Voidwalker’s ability to manipulate their grenades. Each of the Voidwalker subclass trees can alter their grenade in some form. With these gauntlets, using one of the grenade-changing abilities (Devour, Chaos Accelerant, or Radioactive) will grant damage resistance and charged grenade hits will return a random amount of grenade energy.

destiny 2 voidwalker grenade charge ability

Geomag Stabilizers

With the new Voidwalker super Chaos Reach equipped, sprinting with these exotic boots on will help top off a player’s super energy if it is almost full. While using Chaos Reach, any damage dealt by the super will extend its duration.

destiny 2 forsaken void warp voidwalker warlock super

Titan Exotic Armor

Heart of Inmost Light

This Titan chest piece is all about ability synergy. Using grenade, melee, or barricade abilities grants increased damage and resistance. While buffed, the next ability used has a faster regen time.

destiny 2 forsaken heart of inmost light titan exotic armor

Ursa Furiosa

These exotic gauntlets let titans move faster while guarding with Sentinel Shield. Guarded damage converts to super energy after the super ends. These will definitely pair well with the new Titan Sentinel subclass tree.

destiny 2 sentinel titan shield guard ability

One-Eyed Mask

This exotic mask has been seen in several Forsaken trailers. When an enemy damages a Titan wearing this mask, the enemy is marked and when they are defeated the Titan gains increased damage and an overshield.

destiny 2 forsaken one eyed mask exotic titan armor

Antaeus Ward

These exotics are sure to create some amazing moments and hilarious deaths, as they allow Titans to reflect incoming projectiles when sliding. Any reflected projectiles grant super energy.

destiny 2 forsaken anateus wards exotic titan armor

Hunter Exotic Armor

Gwisin Vest

The Roving Assassin perk on this chest piece gives super energy for each Spectral Blades kill made before going back into stealth, rewarding a more aggressive play style for the stealth-based super.

destiny 2 forsaken spectral blades nightstalker hunter super

The Sixth Coyote

This exotic chest piece is straight to the point. Hunters gain an additional dodge charge while wearing The Sixth Coyote, which could make for some interesting plays with the new Nightstalker subclass tree.

destiny 2 forsaken the sixth coyote exotic hunter armor


The Adamantine Brace perk on these exotic gauntlets makes bows charge faster, and Hunters can hold the bow charge indefinitely. While not a huge power increase, these will work wonders with the new bows added in Forsaken.

destiny 2 forsaken oathkeeper exotic hunter armor

Shards of Galanor

These exotic gauntlets are all about the new Gunslinger subclass tree, Blade Barrage. Each hit or kill with Blade Barrage will return super energy after the super ends.

destiny 2 forsaken blade barrage gunslinger hunter super

Those are all the exotics in the Destiny 2 database currently. While some fan-favorite exotics weren’t found, it doesn’t mean they won’t show up in the final product. Some match up with the exotics showcased in the trailer above, but there are some that have not been found yet. For instance, in the exotic trailer there is a Hive-themed shotgun that may be exotic but there is currently no trace of it in the database.

There may be plenty more hidden away and redacted so dataminers can’t access them. The Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper was redacted for a long time before suddenly appearing in-game, so hopefully more exotics will be available after Forsaken launches.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Destiny Sets