Forsaken, the next major expansion of Destiny 2 has been revealed, and developer Bungie is promising that it will bring big changes to the game. When the expansion launches in September, players can expect a story campaign, new Crucible maps, the new Gambit PvE/PvP hybrid mode, and more. Of course, as a looter-shooter, there will always be more gear to collect including exotics.

In its livestream and ViDoc revealing Forsaken, Bungie showed fans a glimpse of a new exotic rocket launcher that will come with Destiny 2: Forsaken. It’s called Twin Rabbit, which is aptly named because its exotic perk is called “Gravity and Fire,” which “Shoots two tracking rockets, one void and one solar.”

“Gravity and Fire” is paired with a unique secondary perk that causes the void rocket to suppress the target while the solar rocket causes burn damage over time. It’s an interesting weapon, one unlike anything else seen in the franchise. Judgment will have to be held on just how useful and powerful the rocket launcher is until players get their hands on it this summer, but it could lend itself to create some unique combat experiences.

twin rabbit exotic rocket launcher

For the Destiny lore nerds out there, Twin Rabbit is a Daito rocket launcher. Daito is a weapon foundry, which are factions that have made a number of weapons in the Destiny universe, like SUROS, Veist, and Omolon. The foundry also happens to have a hidden room in the Tower in Destiny 2. Other notable gear credited to Daito include The Jade Rabbit exotic scout rifle.

Bungie is promising new and returning exotics with Forsaken, including a brand-new bow weapon type, which looks to be an exotic weapon. There is also a big change to weapon slots, which Bungie has yet to fully detail but promises to over the summer before the launch of Forsaken.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.