Destiny 2 Will Add New Forsaken Crucible Maps Soon

destiny 2 forsaken crucible maps

The latest expansion for Destiny 2, titled Forsaken, is finally live, and fans of the popular shooter have been enjoying the brand new content from the DLC since it became available yesterday. Since the level cap in Forsaken has been raised to 50, players are looking for more ways to level up after completing the main Forsaken story. But for fans that are just looking to have fun in The Crucible, it has been confirmed that new Crucible maps from Forsaken will be available soon.

After being asked about the lack of Forsaken Crucible maps by a Destiny 2 fan, Bungie Senior Designer Derek Carroll confirmed on Twitter that new maps are definitely coming. Carroll urges players to focus on completing the Forsaken story this week, which lets Guardians go on an adventure to hunt down Uldren Sov, and avenge the death of Cayde-6, who is one of Destiny 2's most liked characters. For players that prefer PvP and were looking forward to new Crucible arenas, this is likely disappointing..

Carroll does not indicate in the tweet exactly when the new Forsaken Crucible maps will become available, but judging by the tweet, it might be as soon as the weekly reset next Tuesday, since he urges fans to focus on the Forsaken story for "this week." The patch notes for Forsaken have indicated that the Retribution and Wormhaven Crucible maps are now available on all platforms though, so while we wait for new Crucible maps, players can enjoy those maps in the meantime.

Forsaken has added a bunch of new content, such as The Dreaming City which is a huge new location in the game that offers plenty of end game content for players who have reached a level that is high enough. As Destiny 2 continues to expand with multiple DLC having been released up to this point, it is clear that the hype for this shooter will not die down any time soon.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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