Destiny 2: Meet the Barons Players Will Fight in Forsaken

It's going to be a big month for Destiny 2: Forsaken, as more and more info comes out about the upcoming expansion.  Today’s coverage introduces the eight barons that players will tackle in Destiny 2’s September DLC.

The Fanatic

The Fanatic Destiny 2 Forsaken Baron

The Fanatic, Fikrul, is second only to Uldren Sov himself, and is the leader of the Scorn. The Fanatic views The Scorn as what the Fallen (Eliksni) should have been, and that is eternal. The Eliksni are machine worshippers, and they created the Servitors in the image of the Great Machine – The Traveler. But The Fanatic cast aside machine worship, and was exiled for this until he joined up with The Barons. The Fanatic may be one the hardest Barons to beat, so may be best to defeat the other Barons first

The Machinist

destiny 2 forsaken the machinist baron

The Machinist, Elykris, is the second in command to the Barons and is an expert in munitions and weapon crafting. Elykris is a raider first and foremost and has stolen enough weapons and supplies to make sure the Barons are heavily armed. Players may want to bring their own powerful gear to square off against this well-armed Baron.

The Mindbender

destiny 2 forsaken the mindbender baron

Hiraks, The Mindbender, is perhaps the most fascinating of the Barons. While he was a Dreg, Hiraks descended into the Hellmouth on the Moon (home to Crota and the Hive) and emerged a completely different entity. Hiraks commands a legion of Hive and has even managed to create his own throne-world, a feat usually reserved for only the most powerful and cunning Hive.

Hiraks also as the ability to manipulate minds, and may be one of the main reasons why Uldren struck out against the Vanguard. Hiraks’ battle in the Tangled Shore actually takes place between The Reef and the Ascendant Plane of the Hive. It’s sure to be one of the most interesting Baron fights for sure.

The Trickster

destiny 2 forsaken the trickster baron

The Trickster, Araskes, seem to be more of a fast-talker than a fighter, though that isn’t to say this Baron isn’t a threat. It seems this Baron uses traps, stealth, and manipulation to get work done, but it seems this Baron may be more bark than bite.

The Hangman

destiny 2 forsaken the hangman baron

Reksis Vahn is The Hangman, an infamous Fallen who derives pleasure out of ripping apart Servitors – a sacrilegious act among standard Eliksni. The Hangman is a sadist and serves as the executioner for the Barons. Whatever this Baron has in store for guardians, it’s likely going to be rough.

The Mad Bomber

destiny 2 forsaken the mad bomber baron

Kaniks, The Mad Bomber, is just as bombastic as the name implies. Bungie seemingly brought Junkrat from Overwatch to the Destiny universe, as this Baron specializes in a wide array of explosives. This Baron fight may be one of the most exciting to take on, or perhaps one of the most annoying.

The Rifleman

destiny 2 forsaken the rifleman baron

This Baron was one of the few that was shown off in the Forsaken ViDoc. Pirrah, The Rifleman, is the sniper Baron. Pirrah is likely the one who shot Cayde’s ghost in the Destiny 2 story reveal trailer. Players will want to stock their new weapon loadout with plenty of long ranged weapons before venturing into Pirrah’s territory.

The Rider

destiny 2 forsaken the rider baron

Every western needs a good horse chase, and Forsaken is no exception. To fit the archetype, Bungie gave Yaviks, The Rider, a Pike to unleash chaos with. The Rider can cause fields of pollution wherever she rides. Guardians may want to equip some of the new mods coming to the game to buff damage against vehicles before facing Yaviks.

The Barons will surely pose a worthy threat to any guardian stepping into the Tangled Shore. These feel like some of the most unique bosses Bungie has crafted for the Destiny universe, so hopefully Bungie's storytelling does them justice.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Source: Game Informer

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