Destiny 2: Forsaken is just days away and fans are gearing up to take on Uldren Sov in the epic quest for revenge. Thanks to an interesting bug, players are already getting some Forsaken drops from the flashpoint which features the new armor perks. There are plenty of perks in the database that could be applied to armor drops in Forsaken. Here are all the different perks found in the database currently that players can have rolled on their gear once Forsaken launches.

The way Destiny 2 armor perks work is that each armor piece has a table of perks that it can pull from, and the tables are broken up into two trees. When the armor piece drops, two perks from each tree are pulled, making for plenty of different possible rolls for armor.


destiny 2 solstice of heroes warlock helmet


For helmets, Tree one contains one targeting perk for each weapon archetype (i.e. Hand Cannon targeting, Sniper targeting), as well as a targeting perk for Kinetic, Energy, or Power weapons. These targeting perks grant improved target acquisition, accuracy, and aim-down-sight speed for the respective weapon type. There is also an “Enhanced” targeting perk for Hand Cannons, Bows, Linear Fusion Rifles, and Snipers that grant a greater boost than the standard targeting perk. These perks will mesh well in the new weapon system since players can run plenty of precision-focused weapons at the same time.


Tree one for helmets also has a couple unique perks, including some fan-favorites from Destiny.

  • Light Reactor grants bonus super energy on Fusion Rifle kills.
  • Ashes to Assets gives bonus Super energy on grenade kills.
  • Heavy Lifting gives Super energy for Power weapon kills.
  • Hands-On gives bonus Super energy on melee kills. Pump Action gives Super energy for Shotgun kills.
  • Remote Connection gives Super energy on Sniper kills.

Ashes to Assets and Heavy Lifting both have Enhanced versions as well, making for some great combinations with some of the new exotics coming in Forsaken.

Tree two for helmets contains perks that boost the reserves for each of the following weapon types: Fusion Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Linear Fusion Rifles, Rockets, Shotguns, Snipers, and Swords. Each of these is an individual perk. There are also two more general perks – one that increases Special Ammo drops and one that increases Heavy ammo drops. Combined with the new weapon mods, some of these could make for some deadly combinations.

Arm Armor

destiny 2 solstice of heroes warlock arms

For arms, tree one contains reload speed perks for each of the different weapon types, as well as a generic reload speed buff for Kinetic, Energy, or Power weapons.

  • Lights Arms Loader focuses on boosting reload speed for Hand Cannons, Sidearms, Submachine Guns, and Bows.
  • Large Weapons Loader boosts reload speeds for Rockets, Grenade Launchers, and Shotguns.
  • Rifle loader boosts reload speeds for any Rifle-class weapon.
  • There are enhanced loader perks for the following weapons: Grenade Launchers, Hand Cannons, Rockets, and Shotguns.

With a faster Time To Kill in the Crucible, every second counts, so a quicker reload may save a player’s life.

Also in tree one is the returning Fastball perk, which gives increased grenade throw distance. Impact Induction makes it so dealing melee damage reduces grenade cooldown. Momentum Transfer does the opposite, where grenade damage reduces melee cooldown – a great combination with the new and improved shoulder charge in Crucible. Both Impact Induction and Momentum Transfer have enhanced versions.

Tree two for arms contains Scavenger perks, which grants bonus ammo reserves when picking up ammo. There are Scavenger perks for the following weapon types: Fusion Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Linear Fusions, Rockets, Shotguns, Snipers, and Swords. There is also Special Ammo Finder and Heavy Ammo Finder, which increase the drop rates for the respective ammo type.

Chest Armor

destiny 2 solstice of heroes warlock chestpiece

Tree one for chest armor is all about Unflinching Aim, which reduces flinch from incoming fire when using a specific weapon type. There is an Unflinching Aim perk for each weapon type, as well as Unflinching Kinetic Aim, Unflinching Energy Aim, and Unflinching Power Aim. There is also Unflinching Light Arms Aim, Unflinching Rifle Aim, and Unflinching Large Arms Aim, which affects the weapons of those categories. There is an Enhanced Unflinching Aim perk for the following weapons: Bows, Snipers, Linear Fusions, and Scout Rifles.

Tree two has ammo reserves perks for the following weapons: Auto Rifles, Bows, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, Sidearms, and SMGs. There are also the Primary Ammo Finder and Special Ammo Finder perks which can be on chest armor.

Leg Armor

destiny 2 solstice of heroes warlock boots

For tree one of leg armor, there is a slew of Dexterity perks tied to specific weapons. The Dexterity perks grant faster ready and stow speeds for the specified weapon type. As with the other perks, there is also a Dexterity perk for Kinetic, Energy, Power, Rifle, and Light Arms weapons. There is also an Oversized Weapons Dexterity perk, which grants the benefit when using Rockets, Grenade Launchers, Shotguns, and the new Bow weapons. There are enhanced versions of the Dexterity perk for the following weapon types: Hand Cannons, Shotguns, Snipers, and Rockets.

Tree one also has Perpetuation, which reduces class ability cooldown when using a class ability. Traction grants increased mobility and a tighter turn radius while sprinting, which should be fun with the new Titan reflection exotics. Bomber reduces grenade cooldown when using a class ability. Outreach reduces melee cooldown while using a class ability. Dynamo reduces super cooldown while using a class ability. Distribution reduces all ability cooldowns while using a class ability. It seems that Bomber is the only one of these that has an enhanced version, unless you count Distribution as an enhanced version of all of them.

Tree two for leg armor contains more Scavenger perks for the following weapons: Auto Rifles, Bows, Hand Cannons, Pulse Rifles, Scout Rifles, Sidearms, and SMGs. It also contains Primary and Special Ammo Finder perks.

Class Armor

destiny 2 solstice of heroes warlock bond

Class armor is finally getting some perks, starting with tree one. This tree contains Insulation, which reduces class ability cooldowns each time a player collects an orb of light. This will sink up well to the buff that Warlock rifts and Titan barricades received in Update 2.0.0. Innervation reduces grenade cooldowns on orb pickup. Invigoration reduces melee cooldown on orb pick up. Recuperation restores health on orb pickup, while Better Already starts health regen on orb pickup. Absolution combines the first three perks and reduces all ability cooldowns on orb pickup.

Tree two for class items contains every weapon reserves perk, scavenger perk, and ammo finder perk. This makes class items the most versatile armor piece for fine-tuning a specific loadout.

Those are all the armor perks currently in the Destiny 2 database. With the random nature of armor perks, it may take a while to grind out the perfect perk combination. But with this many great perks, there is something for every type of player to work for if they want the perfect armor set. Hopefully, this will give players even more things to chase after while exploring the Tangled Shore or Dreaming City.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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