Destiny 2 offers lots of new content for players, from Lost Sectors to Adventures, and of course, there are Raids. But not every activity in the new first-person shooter is so obvious as some fans have discovered another “mission” that they can sink their teeth into.

(Light spoilers for Destiny 2‘s campaign follow.)

The new activity in question is The Floor is Lava, which is based on the iconic past-time, which sees people treat the real-world ground as though it is incredibly hot. Players can get in on the lava action by heading to the Tower after completing the Destiny 2 campaign. The walkway in the Tower courtyard includes a pile of items that produce an interaction that says “Don’t Pick Me Up.” Should players ignore this warning and pick up the item anyway, a notification saying “The Floor is Lava!” will pop up on-screen.

From there, players must avoid the ground at all costs. They can jump onto boxes and pallets or walk steadily across railings to avoid the ground. If players do touch the ground while The Floor is Lava! is active, the screen will begin to go red (indicating that the player is taking damage) and after a few brief moments the player character will die.

Avoiding the ground isn’t the only objective. Destiny 2 players must go to a marker in the Tower which is indicated by a blue beam of light pointing to the sky. Doing so will complete the Easter egg challenge and grant the player the “Quickness” buff which will allow them to move quicker and jump a lot higher as well.

Unlike the Randal the Vandal Easter eggDestiny 2‘s The Floor is Lava! is quite an elaborate mini-game. Although the activity is based on a game that most people will remember from their childhood, Bungie has clearly gone to some lengths just to give players something to do. The developer wants Destiny 2 players to have fun, even in smaller and sillier moments.

Many will also be wondering how many more Easter eggs and mini-games like this there are in the game. The Destiny 2 Tower also includes a purple ball Easter egg which has players completing a series of objectives around the social space, but is this the only other thing for players to discover? It’s likely that there are a few other similar activities for players to find, and it will be interesting to see what the next one is.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. It will release on October 24, 2017 on PC.

Source: Sporno – YouTube