Destiny 2 Has A New Weekly Activity Called 'Flashpoints'

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Destiny 2 is getting a handful of new activities, which developer has already talked about, like Lost Sectors and Adventures. But there's a new activity that the game's director just revealed called Flashpoints.

Luke Smith said Flashpoints are a new weekly event in Destiny 2 that can lead players—even those playing solo—to high-level rewards:

"Sometimes, each week we have an activity called a Flashpoint, which we haven't talked about really yet. The Flashpoint is basically like a featured destination, a featured location. There's a whole class of stuff that shows up when it's the Flashpoint. Treasure maps to go find, special monsters that show up. We wanted with Flashpoints to have an opportunity each week to focus players on a single location where they can just go solo, hang out, and then get a super powerful reward from it—like the equivalent of an unknown reward from Nightfall."

So it appears that the Flashpoint will be a weekly instance that will rotate around to one of the four world zones in Destiny 2. It's unclear whether Smith means that Flashpoints will take place anywhere within one of these destinations or if it will kick off at a more specific location within one of these worlds.

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Either way, it seems that a number of things to do show up in a Flashpoint, from stronger enemies to new things to find. It's unclear whether the Flashpoint will apply any kind of modifiers to the area, similar to a a Nightfall Strike or a Heroic Strike.

Flashpoints appear to be one more reason players will want to explore the worlds of Destiny 2, which look to be bigger and filled with more activities to keep players busy. Speaking of these Patrol zones, Bungie has kept them hidden away for the most part. Besides showing glimpses of them in trailers, they haven't been shown off extensively or included in hands-on portions of events like E3.

Judging from what Bungie has said is inside the Beta coming in July, players might not be able to go on Patrol until the final game comes out. Although, the developers did tease there would be a few surprises in store for the beta, so there's always hope that maybe players will be able to experience a Flashpoint then.

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Destiny 2 launches September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release coming later on October 24.

Source: Kotaku

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