Three years since a Peter Dinklage-voiced Ghost awoke players’ Guardians among the ruins of Old Russia, and Destiny 2 has finally launched for PS4 and Xbox One. After the massive worldwide success of the first game, expectations are high for Destiny 2, and it looks like Bungie is going all out for the game’s first month, with plenty of content for players to sink their teeth into on launch day and beyond.

Besides the game’s big launch on September 6th, there are additional events scheduled throughout the month that should keep Guardians busy. For those wondering what to expect from Destiny 2‘s first month of release, we’ve compiled all the relevant information in one convenient place.

Launch Day


It all begins when Destiny 2 launches on Tuesday, September 6th at 12am Eastern time (or 9pm Pacific on September 5th) for PS4 and Xbox One. Those that want to jump into Destiny 2 immediately can pre-load now, but should make sure that they have enough hard drive space for the game. On PlayStation 4, Destiny 2‘s file size is 30.87GB, and it’s 29.15GB on Xbox One, with the file sizes possibly being bigger due to potential day one patch updates.

Those relatively large file sizes will give fans access to a wealth of content that will hopefully be enough for Destiny 2 to avoid some criticisms that were lobbied against the first game. At launch, players will have access to the main story campaign, side quests called Adventures, Crucible PvP modes, Patrols, Strikes, and more.

destiny 2 trials audio file
Like the first game, Destiny 2 will launch with six Strikes available for Guardians to complete. Additionally, Destiny 2 players can participate in their first Nightfall Strike at launch, which will give them the chance to earn special rewards. Of course, players may want to take the time to properly level their Guardians before rushing into any Nightfall Strikes, as they will likely be some of the most challenging content available in the game at launch.

Along with the PvE and PvP content that will be available in Destiny 2 at launch, players will also have the chance to unwind in the new social space called The Farm. Located in the European Dead Zone, The Farm will be Destiny 2‘s equivalent of The Tower, and will be the main social hub for Guardians as they prepare for missions.



Once they’ve conquered the launch day content, Destiny 2 fans don’t have to wait long for their next great challenge. On September 13th at 10am Pacific time, the first raid will go live. Beyond its start date, Bungie hasn’t revealed anything official on Destiny 2‘s first raid, though leaked trophy information has suggested that it will be called Leviathan.

It’s hard to say when concrete details will come for Destiny 2‘s first raid, and it’s possible Bungie won’t say anything about it until it launches in the game on September 13th. After all, Bungie likes to keep raid details under wraps, preferring players discover raid secrets for themselves.



Two days after Destiny 2‘s first raid launches, PvP players will get a treat as well. Whereas the first Destiny made players wait until the House of Wolves expansion to play the Trials of Osiris Crucible event, Destiny 2 players only have to wait until September 15th at 10am Pacific time to try it out.

Like with raids, Bungie has kept most details on Destiny 2‘s take on the Trials multiplayer event secret. Having said that, we do know that it will still be an elimination match type where players can earn special rewards. Furthermore, we know that the Trials will have an increased player count, with teams of four competing instead of teams of three.

More to Come


Destiny 2‘s first month should bring with it plenty of content for fans of the franchise, but there will be plenty more to come throughout the year and beyond. For example, PC gamers will have a chance to see what all the fuss is about beginning October 24th, and the first expansion is expected to release by the end of the year.

Speaking of Destiny 2‘s first expansion, leaked materials have suggested it will be called The Curse of Osiris, which will center around the titular character Osiris. If Destiny 2‘s expansions follow the release schedule as the first game’s, then a second expansion should be available in spring of 2018, and it will be about the Warmind Rasputin.

As we near the release dates for Destiny 2‘s expansions and future content, more details should become available. In the meantime, Destiny 2 fans should have plenty of content to keep them busy as they lead the fight against Ghaul and his Red Legion army.

Destiny 2 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while the PC version launches on October 24, 2017.