Destiny 2: Where to Find the Prismatic Taken In the European Aerial Zone

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The annual Solstice of Heroes event arrived this week in Destiny 2, giving players even more content to dig into. Just like last year, players are challenged to upgrade a set of special armor, completing a number of challenges to take the gear from low tier rarity through Legendary and Masterworked.

In addition to the new Destiny 2 armor and unlockable content, the update also added a new PvE mode called the European Aerial Zone where players race against the clock to defeat mini-bosses and an eventual final boss fight. During the final boss wave, players have discovered that a new Public event has a chance to appear, involving a hunt for a Prismatic Taken enemy.

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The location for this event is random and gives only a slightest of hint as to where to find this unique looking enemy. Unfortunately, there's a timer on this side mission as well, adding even more pressure to find and defeat this boss character. Here are the possible locations where the Prismatic Taken can spawn. Please note that the location given is from the perspective of someone standing at the location where players load into the EAZ destination.

Factory - The Factory is the large structure at the very back of the map in the center location. The Taken boss is typically on the ground floor inside.

Garage - This structure is on the right side of the map, closer to the spawning location than the others. The Taken boss typically spawns on the roof.

Mall - Players can find this location towards the back, left hand side of the map. The Taken is typically on the roof of the building connected to the large red building.

Ruins - This structure can be found in the back, right corner of the map. Once found, the Taken are typically standing on a broken portion of the building.

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Telltale sign that the event boss is close is that there are normal taken roaming around. A public event symbol appears as players get close to the target.

The biggest discussion came from players trying to figure out what sort of reward is earned by completing this task. While the conversation ranged from more treasure hunting time, double Solstice Chests, and more, it seems to be much simpler than that. Ultimately, the reward for knocking off the Prismatic Taken is a special star orb that grants immediate elemental empowerment, while also leaving their current stack of orbs in place.

This buff is traditionally gained from collecting a stack of 30 orbs matching the current element active for that day, which then triggers different effects based on that elemental effect. For example, Solar creates a damaging fire energy wave that pulsates around the player. Void grants Truesight, faster ability regeneration, and makes the player invisible while crouching. Arc empowerment makes the player move faster and deal greater melee and sword damage.

Thankfully, these buffs won't carry over to other modes like Competitive PvP and Gambit Prime this time around. Previously, the seasonal buff granted during the Spring seasonal event called The Revelry caused all sorts of chaos, leading many players to take to social media to complain about the grenade and ability spam.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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