Destiny 2 Team Sets Record for World's Fastest Raid

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A world record has been claimed in Destiny 2, according to player Granger. The Warlock posted a video to YouTube showing them and their squad completing the Scourge of the Past raid in a stunning 5 minutes and 22 seconds. Granger claims this is the fastest completion of a Destiny 2 raid yet. And according to's Destiny 2 raid speedrun rankings board, it's true. Granger's overtook the previous record by an impressive 23 seconds.

The Scourge of the Past raid speedrun stands as the fastest overall Destiny 2 speedrun, as it's significantly fast than the other raids in Destiny 2. The next fastest raid can be completed in just over 10 minutes, which is Crown of Sorrow. The slowest raid is by far Last Wish, where the record is over 20 minutes. Leviathan and its two Raid Lairs all take between around 13 and 16 minutes to complete.

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Granger's squadmates in the Scourge of the Past Raid include Munch, Leighmx, LiiiPy, BjarturFO, and KaZza. Granger, and many of the same teammates, also hold the world record for Destiny 2's other raids. The one's Granger is personally involved in are Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, and Crown of Sorrow. His teammates also hold the record on Spire of Stars. Last Wish, the 20-minute raid, is the only one that Granger's team haven't taken over.

For those wondering how such a feat is even possible, know that it isn't - for a typical Destiny 2 team, at least. The Scourge of the Past raid speedrun falls completely within the Any% speedrunning category, meaning players are free to take advantage of any bugs, glitches, or exploits as necessary to complete the raid as fast as possible. Anyone watching the video can tell that Granger's path through Scourge of the Past isn't the intended one, but that's part of the fun involved with speedrunning.

Destiny 2's greatest asset has always been not the challenges that Bungie itself introduces to the game, but the challenges that Destiny 2 players create for themselves within the framework that Bungie provides. Bungie is simply providing well-designed opportunities for Destiny 2 players to have as much fun as possible. And players respond to that. Whether it's Granger and his squad of speedrunners, Xbox VP  Mike Ybarra asking Bungie for more rare weapons and challenges, or more casual audiences excited for free-to-play Destiny 2: New Light.

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Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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