Today Bungie pulled back the curtain on its new Destiny 2 social space, The Farm, revealing some new changes to NPCs and teasing how the area will function. As well, the developer confirmed the player count for The Farm, which is substantially larger than Destiny 1’s Tower, Reef, or Iron Temple.

In Destiny 2, The Farm will support up to 26 players, as confirmed by a new IGN First video. While the video didn’t show what a full Farm social space might look like, the prospect of more people running around is sure to be exciting to fans.

26 players is a substantial uptick from the 16-player count that was capable in Destiny 1’s social spaces. It’s unclear how exactly Bungie will be reserving space in The Farm, but ideally players should see more Guardians running around than they ever did in the first game. That will also help when it comes to recruiting fireteam members for Strikes or raids, or if they want to enjoy the new soccer minigame.

It’s also worth noting that the PC version will support text chat, so players in The Farm can send messages to the social space if they are looking for a fireteam. Console players won’t have any form of chat system unfortunately, but there are still ways to interact and group up.

Destiny 2 farm details

What Bungie doesn’t address with regards to The Farm’s player count is whether or not the social space will reserve slots for potential fireteam members, like Destiny 1 does with patrols. While a patrol area can support up to 9 total players, the game counts a single player as a full fireteam in case they want friends to join after landing in the area. So 3 separate players is the most a patrol can support.

For social spaces, however, Bungie has allocated slots a little differently, on a first come first served basis. The game does not allocate additional slots for potential fireteam members, and once the social space is full it is full.

Of course, Bungie did not want to reveal everything about The Farm ahead of Destiny 2’s release in September, but the increase in player count shows that the developers are looking to improve upon the first game in any way they can. That may be a byproduct of focusing on current-gen platforms only, but whatever the case hopefully it helps players make more friends.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

Source: IGN