Destiny 2: How to Farm Radiolarian Culture for Forge Weapons

Season 2 of Destiny 2 is in full swing after having launched right alongside the Curse of Osiris expansion. In addition to a number of much-needed updates to the base game, Curse of Osiris also brought along an influx of new content including a new story set on Mercury, new Crucible maps, new strikes, and more. Considering this is a Bungie game, there's a whole lot of secrets and Easter Eggs for eager players to discover as well, such as this hidden moment with what appears to be a major lore character.

Curse of Osiris also adds plenty of a new loot for players to collect and also create from the Infinite Forge in Mercury's Lighthouse. These new Destiny 2 weapons are collectively part of the Lost Prophecy set, unlocked once the expansion story, all Mercury adventures and one heroic strike are completed. In order to craft these weapons, players will need to do some resource gathering, with each weapon having different crafting costs.

destiny 2 lost prophecy forge weapons

One of the resources for creating Lost Prophecy weapons is known as Radiolarian Culture, traditionally found in small amounts from Public Events on Mercury. Reddit user GladHeAteHer182 found another way, much easier to accomplish for solo players or those who want to break up the public event cycle.

Getting Started

Players will want to head to the Exodus Crash fast travel point on Nessus to get started. Once loaded in, head along the right side to the Vex cave, descending down until the first main room that's filled with enemies. Find the chest in this room and then run through the portal to go into the Chamber of Sky. Once the message appears, turn around and head back through the portal to the Vex filled room players were previously in. Any chests in here will have respawned, allowing players to loot them again.

Once the chest has been looted again, fast travel back to the Exodus Crash landing zone and repeat the process. If all goes well, players should get at least two chests per run.

Things to Keep in Mind

While this process is a lot faster than farming public events, it's not foolproof. Like most loot drops, this process relies heavily on RNG, so players won't always find Radiolarian Culture in these chests. GladHeAteHer182 also reported that occasionally he'd find empty chests or the chests not spawning as expected.

In these cases, it's best to leave completely and head back to orbit and then fly back in. Doing this essentially resets the experience and potentially any glitchy chests. Follow these steps and players may find themselves outfitted in all new Curse of Osiris gear. Happy hunting Guardians!

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gladd

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