Players of the Destiny 2 beta have already uncovered lots of secrets about the game, including a Paul McCartney Easter egg. And although the beta is over, it seems that right up until the end, fans were still finding that there was much more to the game and its beta than meets the eye.

The latest discovery is what appears to be a Destiny 2 ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that begins in the game’s social space The Farm. According to a very convincing theory video by My name is Byf, The Farm’s computers have been playing Morse code sequences that when translated spell out either IOM4 or 26T, which may be a reference to Jupiter’s moon (and explorable location) Io.

It should be noted that neither My name is Byf nor the GetWrecked clan (which worked with the YouTuber to translated the messages) are very experienced in Morse code, but the clue is certainly a tantalizing one.

Another piece of the puzzle is a separate monitor that mentions something called ‘FindRaspLogs.’ Rasp is believed to be a reference to Rasputin, which was a Warmind featured in the first Destiny. It should be noted that the Destiny 2 expansions may focus on Rasputin and so the mention on the monitor isn’t just a nice throwback for those who played the first game.

Although there is some suggestion that Rasputin is sending Guardians on a mission, with the next step taking place on Io, players haven’t yet figured out what the end goal for this may be. Destiny 2 is a sprawling world with lots to discover, so this supposed ARG could be leading fans to glory, exciting weapons, or more interesting bits of lore.

destiny 2 farm player count

Unlike the No Man’s Sky ARG, which has a fairly obvious end date, it’s unclear when this Destiny 2 quest might end. The fact that it includes things not yet available in the beta suggests that it could run until after the game launches in September.

The Farm itself was only open for an hour, even if some did bypass that in creative ways, and there may actually be more clues to find before players make the jump to Io. The Destiny 2 sleuths are already on the case, though, so hopefully there will be more to come from the ARG soon.

Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting September 6, followed by a PC release on October 24.

Source: My name is Byf