Destiny 2 Fan Made Trailer is a Look Back


While Guardians the world over are preparing for the release of Destiny 2 by playing through the original game's Age of Triumph event as a walk down memory lane, others have been biding their time by creating fan-made materials all their own to build upon the existing hype for the forthcoming sequel. As it happens, the Redditors known as chammer88, Fuzzle_hc, and absolutkaos collaborated on a concept teaser trailer for the second installment in the franchise that offers a look back at some of the first entry's most memorable moments.

As seen below in the fan-made trailer for Destiny 2, the Redditors used several different types of assets to complete the unofficial teaser, ranging from popular players' livestreams to in-game cutscenes to sanctioned advertisements that Bungie created to promote different events and expansions. As the camera pans out from all of the clips, fans can see a neon blue number 2 being traced out slowly over the compiled images and videos while a swelling score of piano, synthesizers, horns, percussion, and strings accompany the visuals.

According to chammer88, the above video is an extended version of a concept that was originally supposed to be only 14 seconds long, and used as an introduction to another piece of content that had to be scrapped. With this being the case, it makes sense as to why it takes so long for the number 2 to finish rounding itself out as the music plays.

Since there's not much actual footage out for Destiny 2 other than its reveal trailer and the initial teaser featuring the Hunter Vanguard known as Cayde-6, it makes sense for the fan-made video to rely on older assets to have completed the video. Plus, not only does it project the notion of how far the game has come since its release in 2014, but also it provides a great look back at plenty of shared memories that Guardians have had together.

Taking all of this into consideration, while chammer88, Fuzzle_hc, and absolutkaos' collaboration on the unofficial Destiny 2 trailer is a fine piece of editing, it's not likely to be the last in fan-made creations for the forthcoming sequel. As a matter of fact, one Guardian already put together a fan-made poster featuring a squad of Cabal battling against a Titan underneath a looming Traveler, and as the weeks and months lead up to the release of Destiny 2, it's highly likely we see the game's community come together for even more fan-made content.

Destiny 2 is set to release on September 8, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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