Destiny 2 Fan Predicted Shocking Death in Forsaken Expansion

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Destiny 2’s E3 trailer shocked many fans by killing off one of the community’s favorite characters, though not every fan was surprised. About a week before Bungie debuted the Destiny 2 trailer, Reddit user ArkConsular not only predicted the shocking death, but also who would be the one to pull the trigger, using nothing but the game’s lore and Grimoire, and a couple hints in the Destiny 2 ViDoc. This is a spoiler warning for anyone who wants to avoid Forsaken spoilers.

While ArkConsular had no idea how right they were, their prediction was spot on. The prediction was based around several different clues scattered between Destiny and Destiny 2. Cayde-6’s death makes sense, according to ArkConsular, because Bungie hinted several times during the Forsaken ViDoc that the story was about revenge, and it would be taking a darker tone. Cayde-6 is a popular character with many fans, so his death would spark a newfound hatred for Uldren Sov, Prince of the Reef.


The next clue is from the Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, a set of exotic hunter gauntlets that made a return in Destiny 2. The lore tab reads:

“Few things can see the Light, but we are not blinded. The Bearer seeks the truth, but what separates truth from fiction is fragile. A pair of truths and a single falsehood upon the Bearer we shall impart. Brother, ally once more, sends his regards. Dreamer, awakened, the Bearer shall meet. Light fades, deep within the Prison.”

ArkConsular reasoned that “Dreamer, awakened, the Bearer shall meet” is true, since the endgame location for Forsaken is The Dreaming City, hence Dreamer, and we know we are dealing with the Awoken in the DLC.

The other two statements tie into figuring out that Uldren would be the one to shoot down Cayde. The question is whether Uldren would be on our side, or against us, in the Prison. Through some lore tabs and Grimoire cards, ArkConsular found that Uldren was secretly rounding up a bunch of Fallen as an army, and we know that a new faction of Fallen will be coming with Forsaken. So that means “Light fades, deep within the Prison” is our winner, which means that Cayde’s death is a true death. With his ghost destroyed, he cannot be resurrected.

ArkConsular later added a comment jokingly apologizing for being right in his prediction, as even they seemed to be caught off-guard by the trailer. The thread even prompted a response from Eric Osborne, Marketing Director for Bungie, after the trailer went live. Bungie has certainly set the tone for what fans can expect with the upcoming expansion. Game Rant got to play the first mission of Forsaken, and the tone definitely carries over into the main game. Hopefully Bungie fully commits to the tone throughout the expansion to make a satisfying space western.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: ArkConsular - Reddit

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