Veteran fans of Destiny will likely be happy to find out that just because the Tower gets destroyed at the start of Destiny 2, that doesn’t mean that factions or their vendors are going away. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t undergoing some changes for Destiny 2, specifically about their weapon inventories.

Right now, anyone who plays Destiny knows that going to any of the vendors in the Tower will present players with a selection of weapons that can be purchased with Legendary Marks. And, ever since Age of Triumph those weapons have been on a weekly reset where they re-roll their perks. In addition to the weapons in their inventories, players can also earn reputation with specific vendors to then open a package and receive a new random weapon. But part of that process appears to be changing in Destiny 2.

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Jon Weisnewski, senior gameplay designer at Bungie, says that players will now earn weapons by ranking up with said vendors instead of buying straight from the vendors:

“There has been some changes to how the vendors work. Predominantly, you’re going to be looking to engrams that drop and leveling up reputation with different vendors to get packages to find weapons. […] The faction vendors¬†are there, and there will be a set of Dead Orbit weapons, a set of New Monarchy weapons, a set of Future War Cult weapons.”

So while fans will be familiar with the weapon drops they can get from ranking up with a specific faction, it sounds like that is now the only way to earn those weapons, instead of also having the option to walk up to a vendor and buy whatever weapon a player so chooses.

As Weisnewski said, the loot stream looks to be more focused on collecting items and engrams out in activities instead of being able to rely on a large cache of weapons back at the game’s social space to fill out a player’s arsenal.

Hopefully, there will be a chance to preview this new system in the Destiny 2¬†beta that will be available in July, as players will be able to go hands-on with much of the game’s content and its systems before the official launch this fall.

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Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PS4 and Xbox One, with a release on PC October 24.

Source: IGN