When it comes to Destiny 2’s Faction Rally event, the focus is solely on collecting gear as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do that, players will need to earn Faction Tokens, which are turned in to their respective Faction representatives in exchange for Reputation. Once 20 tokens have been turned in, the Faction ranks up and an engram is rewarded.

It’s a pretty straightforward setup, but there are numerous ways to earn Faction Tokens. Some, like going through the Leviathan Raid, are time consuming and not all that beneficial, while others are both fast and efficient.

The fastest route that we have seen thus far involves repeating a Lost Sector on The Rig section of Titan. Because of the way the Lost Sector is set up, players are able to quickly run through the underground area, destroy supplies to earn Faction Tokens, and then trigger a respawn that resets the entire Lost Sector.

The Lost Sector that Destiny 2 players are looking for is called Cargo Bay 3, and is located, as mentioned, on Titan in The Rig landing zone. Head down into the Lost Sector and clear out all but one of the supplies from a distance. Then, when only one supply is left, stand right next to it and destroy it. This should kill the player and force them to respawn right outside the Lost Sector. More importantly, the next time the player enters the Lost Sector all of the supplies will have returned, and they can repeat the process all over again.

Ideally, the Lost Sector will have about 6 supply caches inside of it, which means that it will take the player about 1 minute to farm 6 Faction Tokens. Compared to Public Events, which reward 8 Faction Tokens for about 10 minutes of work, this is easily one of the fastest ways we have seen to farm reputation. Granted, it’s not that beneficial when it comes to farming additional materials, like engrams or glimmer, but it gets Faction Tokens as quick as possible.

It seems like each day there is a new way to farm Faction Tokens, but this appears to be the fastest that we have seen. Obviously, it’s not very glamorous, but for those hoping to get all of the Faction weapons before the Rally event ends, this is a very quick path.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.