UPDATE: It appears that this might be a bug for the Dead Orbit and New Monarchy factions. Some players report that rewards are still dropping after 30 rank-ups of Future War Cult

It has been a little over 24 hours since the Faction Rally event went live for Destiny 2, and players are still trying to figure out how everything works. Some mysteries, like the Dance Party Key terminal, have been solved, while others, are only just unraveling.

One thing that Destiny 2 players might not realize is that the Faction Rally engrams have a limit. After 30 reputation level ups, players will no longer receive gear from engrams. They can still earn shaders, though.

This limit on Faction Rally engrams is somewhat curious, given that the goal should be to encourage players to engage with Destiny 2 as much as possible. But putting a limit on the amount of gear a player can earn goes against that motive.

Moreover, limiting Faction Rally engrams to 30 means that not every player will get all of the gear they want from a given faction. In principle, 30 engrams should be enough to unlock all of the Faction weapons and armor, but that doesn’t account for duplicates. With 9 items available from each faction, Destiny 2 players are going to have to hope that RNG is on their side.

destiny 2 faction rallies

The good news is that this limit only applies to one faction, so players that have pledged to multiple factions on multiple characters have 60 or 90 total gear drops to earn. But, as we mentioned, that doesn’t mean the Faction-related drops totally dry up after 30. Players can still earn shaders from engrams after 30, to stock up for mixing and matching.

Thus far it seems like the Faction Rally event has been popular with the Destiny 2 community, but this limit may put a damper on the situation. Assuming that 30 engram drops guarantees that a player will get at least one of every type of available Faction gear then the limit shouldn’t be a problem. But as we have seen with Destiny 2 in the past, RNG can be cruel and sometimes it takes a while for players to get the drop that they really want.

We also don’t know how often Bungie plans to stage the Faction Rally event – whether it will be every few weeks, monthly, or every other month. Iron Banner is set for October, as is the Leviathan Raid Prestige Difficulty, but that’s all that Bungie has announced thus far. If the next Faction Rally is significantly far off, not getting a coveted item would be even more disappointing.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases on October 24th.