Destiny 2: Faction Exotic Catalysts Will Be Available After Season 3

Exotic Catalysts are one of the many items that Destiny 2 fans grind for, especially the three exotic catalysts tied to the limited time Faction Rally event in-game. The limited-time nature of these catalysts has many Destiny 2 players worried that they won’t get all three before the end of the season. Bungie Community Manager dmg04 settled some fan’s fears, as he confirmed that exotic catalysts are not tied to this season and will be available in year two of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 fans are painfully aware of the new limitations in the Faction Rally event, limiting one faction per account, not per character. This restriction has caused some players to worry about getting all three exotic catalysts before the end of Season 3. With there being only three Faction Rallies this season, players would have to get to rank 50 for one faction per Rally, and not spread the grind across multiple Rallies, to get the catalysts. However, if these catalysts are not tied to Season 3 alone, then players do not have to worry about the mad dash through lost sectors to get to rank 50.

1. Yes, there will be ways to acquire them. More details on that later this summer.2. There are currently no plans to add a 4th Faction Rallies event.

— dmg04 (@A_dmg04) June 25, 2018

In his tweet, dmg04 also noted that there would not be a fourth Faction Rally this season, likely due to the fact that the catalysts will be available after the season. Fans were asking for at least one more Rally due to a bug that prevented players from purchasing armor from vendors. This bug slows down the faction grind tremendously, and the bug was not fixed before this week's Rally. However, the bug will be fixed for the last Faction Rally of the season.

Exotic Catalysts are some of the most sought after drops in the game, and limiting them to just one season would surely anger a lot of fans, especially those who do not have quite as much time to grind non-stop for their faction. With players not being able to purchase armor from their desired faction, fans were understandably worried about getting all three catalysts. Fortunately, it seems that Bungie has no intention of locking players out of these powerful catalysts.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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