Destiny 2 Expansions Will Likely Focus on Osiris and Rasputin

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The march toward launch has officially started for Destiny 2, and while very little is known about even the base game itself, there's some information that can be gleaned from the small amount has been shown concerning Destiny 2's planned expansions.

Among the announcements that trickled out as part of the official reveal for Destiny 2 was the one that the shooter will be getting two expansions, seemingly the sequel's equivalent to Destiny 1's The Dark Below and House of Wolves. While Destiny 2's expansions are just going by the generic title of Expansion 1 and Expansion 2, the art released provides some pretty strong hints about their content.

destiny 2 expansion 1 and 2 art

Most fans probably immediately noticed the logo on the art for Expansion 1, which is the logo for the Trials of Osiris. That doesn't mean that the Expansion will focus on the Trials of Osiris or even PvP necessarily. For those familiar with the lore of Destiny, they will know that there is a mysterious character named Osiris - the source of the weekly PvP event that players are familiar with.

Osiris is a Warlock who is somewhat of an outcast, and a powerful Guardian who went to Mercury to try to discover the secrets of the Vex. There are hints in the lore (known as the Grimoire) that Osiris is in contact with Eris Morn and Mara Sov, the Queen of the Reef. From reading the Grimoire, it appears that these three, and maybe even others, are working in the background separate from the events that players experience while playing Destiny 1.

Osiris and his relationship with the other characters is filled with possibilities for storytelling. So, while it would be speculation to suggest any of the content that could be coming to Destiny 2's first expansion, it appears the story at least will somehow involve Osiris.

As for Expansion 2, that art might be familiar but unknown to some. It is the logo that symbolizes Rasputin, the Warmind that shows up throughout the story of Destiny 1. While rumor has it that Rasputin was originally conceived to be a major character in Destiny's original scrapped narrative, in the actual game Rasputin is an artificial intelligence created during the Golden Age to protect Earth.

Players visit the Seraphim Vault that is said to house him, and he plays a major role in the story of SIVA as told in the Rise of Iron expansion. The second expansion's story will likely involve more about Rasputin and possibly other Warminds from other planets within the solar system.

Again, this all speculation at this point, as outside of the Cabal attack and destruction of the Last City, not much is known about the story of Destiny 2. However, players are likely to find out more in the coming months with a gameplay reveal in May and a beta this summer.

Destiny 2 launches September 8 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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