Destiny 2 Hints at Exotic Raid Weapon Quest

As Destiny 2 released today on consoles, fans have been eager to discover and unlock its exotic weapons. From the Coldheart pre-order bonus to the Rat King hand cannon, there are several powerful and intricately designed exotics for players to deal damage with.

But one very special exotic weapon may soon be available in the game, according to an item that showed up in one Destiny 2 players' inventory. The player explains that while they were patrolling the European Dead Zone (EDZ), a quest step called "Await The World-Eater" showed up in one of their Power weapon slots. The card explained that "something is coming" and that the player should "look for the arrival of the 'World Eater'".

As the card indicates, all will be revealed in good time, but that hasn't stopped players from speculating for now. The most popular theory is that this is somehow connected to Destiny 2's first raid, rumored to be called Leviathan. It is believed that this raid involves some sort of world-eating vessel that can swallow planets whole with its maw, and so an exotic weapon called "World-Eater" or something similar would be a fitting reward for taking part.

Destiny 2 Leviathan raid exotic tease

In the comments of that Reddit post, another Destiny 2 player points out that during an Adventure mission on Nessus, they heard mentions of Nessus preparing to be consumed. Again, this would be in line with the suggestion that the Leviathan is hungry and is getting ready to tuck into an almighty feast.

While some have questioned whether these tidbits are the only clues that fans will have before the Destiny 2 raid begins, it's clear that developer Bungie is priming players for an activity that will take place soon. Bungie already confirmed that the first raid would take place within the game's launch window, and earlier this week the game's project lead also teased the raid's story.

The wait may be agonizing for players who are ready to get their virtual mitts on a new exotic, and find out the full story surrounding the raid. But from the brief teasers that Bungie has revealed both inside and outside of the game, it sounds like the wait will definitely be worth it.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. It will release on October 24, 2017 on PC.

Source: Reddit

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