Destiny 2 may no longer have the Grimoire (the outside-the-game lore from Destiny 1 ), but that’s because lore can now be found inside the game itself. In-game lore is something fans have asked for ever since Destiny first launched in 2014 and developer Bungie listened, finding a new way to deliver lore without players leaving the game.

At PAX West, Destiny 2 game director Luke Smith detailed how exactly it works in regards to lore associated with weapons and armor. In Destiny 1, picking up an item like an exotic would unlock access to a Grimoire card, which would explain the history or tell a story about that exotic (players would have to go to the Destiny Companion app or website to read these virtual cards).

But, Smith says, now that lore is built into the game and can be accessed using the “Lore tab.” Smith used the example of the Coldheart exotic to explain:

“When you get Coldheart, […] on the weapon tab itself, when you’re on the details screen, you can press the L2 button and it will slide out basically a story that is on the weapon.”

Smith says the team at Bungie took the time and effort it would normally take to create the Grimoire and put that into the game itself. He said putting that lore in-game is something that the developers are passionate about, just like the fans.

Smith went on further to say that every single exotic weapon and armor piece in the game has a lore tab, as does all the weapons and armor from the raid and from Trials of Osiris. That news is bound to make fans happy, especially those who have been asking for such a feature for years now. On the topic of lore, Smith also said that it would also be delivered by finding and scanning different objects while out in the world.

Bungie has bragged that Destiny 2 has more storytelling and narrative than ever before, and based on what has been shown and word of the lore being included within the game, those claims might not be too farfetched. Of course, it’s up for players to judge when the game releases in just a few days.

Destiny 2 releases on September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.