Destiny 2 Secret Mission Area Discovered; Could be Hidden Exotic Quest?

taken infestation in io mission

Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence content has only been live for less than a week, but already players are beginning to poke around and look for secrets. While Bungie typically does well to prepare players for what is coming via its content roadmap, there are usually a few surprises as well. One of those surprises may be a secret quest/dungeon, if a newly discovered area is any hint.

While exploring the Endless Gate area on Io, a few Destiny 2 players discovered that there is a new area that can be accessed by glitching out of bounds. This area features familiar Vex architecture, some Taken-infestations, and even enemy models posed around.

As expected, the discovery of this secret area has Destiny 2 players speculating. Some think that the mission area is part of one of the new exotic weapon quests coming in Season 7 – either this coming week’s Truth quest or the quest for Lumina/Rose.

However, datamines of those two weapons quests do not seem to send players to a new mission on Io. It might be that the datamines were incorrect or incomplete, or this area is part of something that Bungie has not yet announced.

unfinished hive in io mission

Much like with the Zero Hour mission for Outbreak Perfected, it’s possible that this new area will be connected to a new, dungeon-like mission that rewards an exotic at the end. In the case of Outbreak Perfected, players discovered a new mission item and eventually ventured back to the old Tower, before descending into its vault.

So if this is a secret exotic mission, likely releasing at the end of Season 7 in the fall, then what does it unlock? To speculate on that requires some spoiler information, so turn back if you don’t want to know some datamined details about Destiny 2.

As soon as Season 7 went live, players datamined the files to find all sorts of information, including the Shadowkeep expansion that sends Guardians back to the moon. Additionally, the catalyst files now include a new catalyst for a weapon that looks a lot like Bad Juju in its tiny icon. It could be something different, but Bad Juju had a very specific profile, and this looks a lot like it.

bad juju catalyst in destiny 2

For now, Destiny 2 players are left waiting, but in the meantime, they have a lot more of Season 7 to look forward to. After reset the exotic quest for Truth will be live, along with a new boss in the Menagerie activity.

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence is live now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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