Destiny 2 Is Hiding an Exotic Ghost Shell

destiny 2 curse of osiris hidden sagira shell

Destiny 2 appears to be holding back an exotic Ghost shell along with how to obtain this item. The Ghost shell in question looks like Sagira, the Ghost belonging to titular character Osiris from the new DLC.

Those who have played the short campaign in Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris expansion will be familiar with Sagira. She possesses (or "shares" as she calls it in-game) the player's Ghost throughout most of the story missions. However, even at the end of the story told in the DLC, players are not awarded the exotic Ghost shell, officially called Sagira's Shell.

Sagira's Shell does not show up alongside the other exotic Ghost shells added in Curse of Osiris, which can be found in the refreshed Eververse/Illuminated Engram inventory. Outside of looking like Sagira (who is quickly becoming a fan-favorite minor character in Destiny 2) the shell offers some pretty good perks:

  • You're Welcome: Detects caches and resources within a 75-meter range on Mercury.
  • Omni-Telemetry: Generate Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills.
  • Scion of Mercury: Increased Glimmer and chance to obtain additional faction consumables on Mercury.

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It makes sense that the shell would have perks themed around Mercury, considering that it is the new destination added in Curse of Osiris, and the narrative ties Sagira and her Guardian Osiris have to the location. The 75-meter range detection for caches and resources on Mercury is extremely out of the ordinary, with the equivalent perk on Legendary shells only offering a 30-meter range. All the exotic Ghost shells have the Omni-Telemetry perk, but again, the Scion of Mercury perk is unique to Sagira's Shell.

It's unlikely that this shell is a remnant or piece of scrapped content (which has happened in the past with Destiny 1 with some items showing up in the database and never in the game) because of how integral Sagira is to the story of Destiny 2's first expansion. It's possible that unlocking Sagira's Shell involves completing some sort of objective. In Destiny 1, there was gear locked behind special missions or time-gated to only show up after a certain date.

This is sure to be an exotic Ghost shell a lot of fans will want, so it will definitely be worth keeping an eye out for.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Planet Destiny

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