Destiny 2 Details More Exotic Armor Changes for Next Update

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In Destiny 2's May 29 update, a handful of the game's exotic armor pieces got a buff to make them more powerful, with the aim to give players more options and good choices in equipping exotics. Afterwards, Bungie promised to continue retooling more exotics in future updates, and now the developer has previewed a new batch of nine exotics going under the design knife for the next update arriving July 17.

Destiny 2 fans can look forward to the following exotics getting a change next month:

Hunter: Lucky Raspberry

The buffs to this exotic chest piece are giving players a little more control over the unique features of this exotic, and it could potentially make this great in PvE. The power fantasy behind Lucky Raspberry is having endless Arcbolt Grenades. Currently, the exotic functions by granting a chance at recharging Arcbolt when it does damage plus buffing its chaining abilities.

But the fact that there's a chance that using a grenade will not reward any recharge due to RNG made the exotic feel too unreliable to use. The new change will increase the chance of a full recharge on damage and guarantees a full recharge if players can chain hit four targets with one Arcbolt. That could make this a great choice in PvE, especially when throwing Arcbolts into mobs.

Hunter: St0mp-EE5

The St0mp-EE5, referred to by fans as "Stompeez," are pretty popular in the Crucible, granting Hunters with increased sprint speed, slide distance, and double jump. The change will make the exotic work with the Hunter class's other jumps, Strafe Jump and Triple Jump, in addition to the double jump.

Hunter: Young Ahamkara's Spine

This exotic will have one of its abilities taken away, specifically it marking enemies damaged by the player's Tripmine Grenades. Bungie says while marking could be useful in PvP, it gave little value in PvE, so the developer is hoping to make the exotic more useful all around by increasing Tripmines' blast radius and throw speed while also making them harder to destroy. In addition, in the update Solar ability kills will grant some Tripmine Grenade energy.

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Titan: ACD/0 Feedback Fence

These Titan gauntlets that focus on melee damage and protecting the wearer from incoming melee damage should be more useful after the upcoming update, which for one will make the exotic's perk activate on melee hits instead of melee kills. They will also grant stacking melee damage resistance.

Titan: Doom Fang Pauldron

The Doom Fang Pauldron gauntlets were already a pretty good exotic for Sentinel Titans, allowing Shield Bash kills while in their Super to give another Shield throw. Melee ability kills in the Sentinel's neutral game also gives Super energy. Those perks will remain but the exotic will also gain buffs to both. Shield Bash kills will also extend the length of the Sentinel's Super and Void kills in addition to melee kills with grant Super energy.

Titan: Dunemarchers

The Dunemarchers are supposed to have this fantasy of letting a Titan sprint around and then melee an enemy and release that charged up energy that can chain to other enemies as well. But the damage output has never been that impressive, so the Dunemarchers have only really been used for their increased sprint speed. That should change after this next update, as the activation of the perk will only take 1.5 seconds down from 5 seconds of sprinting to activate and the damage output has drastically increased (a 70% increase in PvP and a 440% increase in PvE).

Warlock: Crown of Tempests

Crown of Tempests is all about Arc abilities where Arc kills increase the recharge rate of those Arc abilities for the Stormcaller. Bungie says this exotic was very similar to Nezarec's Sin, which basically does the same thing but with Void abilities. So to set it apart and give it some extra utility, the July 17 update will give Crown of Tempests a lower number of stacks to its perk but with the same total effect, and each stack makes the Stormtrance Super drain slower when active.

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Warlock: Karnstein Armlets

Karnstein Armlets are getting a trade-off with this update; one side of its unique perk is being buffed while the other part of it is being completely removed. Whereas currently, these gauntlets would grant increased resilience, mobility, and highlight enemies on melee hits and then "greatly restore" health on a melee kill, the new iteration will completely take away all the melee hit perks. The melee kill and healing aspect will get a buff, however, with a melee kill giving instant healing and then continuous healing for 8 seconds after that kill.

Warlock: Starfire Protocol

Lastly, Bungie is looking to get players to use the Warlock's Empowering Rift class ability more by pairing it with this chest piece. And it should create a loop of the Rift and Fusion Grenades recharging one another. This exotic will still give an extra Fusion Grenade with Fusion Grenade kills giving increased Rift, but with the update, causing damage within an Empowering Rift will increase Fusion Grenade recharge by 20%.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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