What Do Destiny 2's PS4 Exclusives Mean for Xbox and PC?

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Shortly after the official reveal of Destiny 2, news spread that the hotly-anticipated sequel would continue its ongoing deal with Sony and PlayStation, delivering exclusive content to the PS4. But as many fans who play Destiny on Xbox consoles have discovered since the game launched in 2014, those exclusives often take a long time to reach their console—and in some cases, they never come at all.

Destiny 2's PS4 Exclusive Content

On the official Destiny 2 website, fans will find fairly standard language that has become common when discussing timed exclusivity: "Bonus Destiny 2 content first on PS4." This is standard practice in today's video game industry, with certain consoles paying for new DLC to come to their own platform before the competition. Games like The Division and Call of Duty have done this in various forms.

While that language wouldn't ring any alarm bells for players on other platforms (often it denotes one platform getting DLC just days or weeks ahead of the others), the way Destiny 2's content is talked about in other places should cause some concern. That is, fine print in trailers and other parts of the official Destiny website have made it clear that whatever content comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 will be so "until at least Fall 2018."

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That phrase "at least" is raising the ire of Destiny fans who will be playing on PC and Xbox. Not only is it a confirmation that PlayStation's exclusive content will stay that way for a year, it may very well extend beyond that. And while other games sometimes award fairly inconsequential exclusives, like cosmetic items, Destiny has a history of offering some pretty heavy-hitting exclusives. In the past, players on PS4 have gotten early access to top-tier Exotic weapons like Hawkmoon and The Jade Rabbit, as well as PvP maps like Sector 618, plus one of Destiny's very best Strikes, The Echo Chamber.

Xbox One Players Are Still Waiting

To take the problem further, some of those exclusives, like those from The Taken King expansion, shared the same language: "exclusive until at least Fall 2017" in that case. The issue has become, the phrase "at least" has allowed Bungie and Activision to get out of promising that content to other platforms at all. In fact, Destiny players on Xbox still do not have the exclusives from The Taken King, nor the April Update's Zen Meteor Exotic.

So while Xbox and PC players can hope that they will get that content in Fall 2018 (which if history repeats itself would see the release of a major expansion for Destiny 2), there is no guarantee. And if they do get that content right before or with a new expansion, there exists a further risk that some of that content will be rendered obsolete with new mechanics or systems being added to the game. After all, major Destiny expansions in the past have locked out certain content from previous expansions to promote players to engage with the loot grind of the new expansion.

It presents a sticky situation and a lot of uncertainty for fans who won't be playing Destiny 2 on PS4. Hopefully, Bungie or Activision will clear up exactly what the exclusive content is later this summer so fans can make a more informed choice when choosing on which platform they would like to play Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is set to launch September 8, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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