Destiny 2 Making Big Changes to Eververse Storefront

destiny 2 making big changes to eververse storefront

With Bungie now completely independent of Activision and fully in control of Destiny's future, game director Luke Smith has decided to start releasing Director's Updates to keep fans updated about what's coming to Destiny 2. The first of these Director's Updates was posted earlier today, confirming some pretty significant changes to the Eververse storefront in Destiny 2 in the future.

Smith confirmed in his post that the Eververse storefront is being moved to the Director. This means that Destiny 2 players will no longer have to speak with Tess at the Tower to access it. Additionally, players will now be able to see more content in the Eververse storefront that is specific to their class. Bungie will also make it easier for players to complete a set by reducing prices if players already have some of the pieces. The example given by Smith is that if players already had three of the five pieces of the Optimacy set for their Titan, then the price of the rest of the set would be reduced by 60%.

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Smith said in his post that this Destiny 2 Eververse update will roll out this fall. Presumably, this means that Destiny 2 fans can look forward to an updated Eververse around the time the Shadowkeep expansion launches on October 1.

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These Destiny 2 Eververse changes seem like they will please fans. The Eververse has long been a source of controversy for the game, resulting in multiple updates that have attempted to change it for the better.

While some Destiny 2 fans haven't been happy about Eververse, it seems its microtransactions were a necessary evil for some of the content in the game to be produced. Smith admitted that the development of the Shadowkeep expansion wasn't funded by microtransactions, but he did say that microtransactions do fund the ongoing development of Destiny 2 in a general sense. "For example: Whisper of the Worm's ornaments were successful enough that it paid [dev cost-wise] for the Zero Hour mission/rewards to be constructed."

Since Bungie has changed Eververse multiple times in the past, it's not out of the question that there will be even more changes for the storefront in the future, depending on how fans react to the next update.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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Source: Bungie

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