Destiny 2 is Eliminating Eververse Event Engrams for Solstice of Heroes

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Although the first Destiny 2 content released solely by Bungie won’t roll out until Shadowkeep in September, players are getting their first tastes of what a post-Activision looks like in Season of Opulence. And while some of the changes made to Destiny 2 are good, one upcoming change with the Solstice of Heroes event may be controversial.

This week, Bungie revealed how the Solstice of Heroes event will work for Year 2. Players will be able to earn Solstice armor and upgrade it to an Armor 2.0 version but this time around event engrams will not drop every time a player levels up.

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Instead of event engrams, Bungie promises that every Solstice of Heroes Eververse item will be available for purchase with Silver or Bright Dust. There will be no items that can only be bought with Silver, meaning players can buy all of the Solstice Eververse items without spending any real money.

However, without the event engram that means players ONLY way of getting these Eververse items is through a Silver or Bright Dust purchase. Gone are the days of unlocking items simply by playing the game, even after completing the objectives tied to the event.

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Given the changes Bungie made to Eververse in Destiny 2: Season of Opulence this seemed to be the way the game was headed. Instead of giving players a Season 7 Bright Engram, players earn a Best of Year 1 Bright Engram that includes items they might have missed from Destiny 2 Vanilla but it doesn’t include any of the new items introduced in Season of Opulence. In most cases, players are dismantling the Year 1 items and using the Bright Dust to buy new items.

As it stands there aren’t many great sources of Bright Dust, but Bungie promises that will change with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Apparently many activities will reward Bright Dust for completions, which will help players build a small wallet to buy the items they want.

That all said, it still is a bummer to see the event engram go away. It was easily one of the smarter decisions that Bungie made when it came to incentivizing players to participate in activities and get them back into the game. Now, if you’re not interested in the Solstice of Heroes armor, there is no reason to participate in the event.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes starts July 30, 2019.

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