Destiny 2 will feature four explorable worlds: Earth’s European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus, and Io. Game Rant was able to play through some of the game during a recent trip to Bungie, and captured footage of a Sparrow tour through the European Dead Zone.

The European Dead Zone is on Earth, and is not only the largest Patrol space in Destiny 2, but developer Bungie says it is also the biggest destination ever built for the Destiny franchise.

Fans of Destiny 1 may recognize the region of the European Dead Zone, as it did appear as the setting of a few Crucible maps in the the first Destiny. Now speeding around the large European Dead Zone, players will see many locations within it.


Trostland provides players with what they will surely expect from the European Dead Zoneā€”an urban jungle with narrow streets and tall buildings, overgrown by the wild.


Once players get out of the urban corridors of Trostland, they emerge on the edge of town, complete with an old fountain and roads that wind through the now untamed terrain.

Sojourner’s Camp

After crossing a series of bridges and tunnels, the European Dead Zone opens up with more trees and wildlife. Here, besides a small tent and minuscule camp, players will enter into the nature side of the area.


Firebase Hades

Making sure that there’s more to the European Dead Zone than those environments of nature reclaiming an old city, Firebase Hades is a massive Cabal outpost. The main villain Ghaul’s Red Legion logo is emblazoned on the buildings here, in this intimidating section of the destination.

The Sludge

What appears to be an old refinery plays host to the location known as The Sludge. Going through this section will reconnect players back to the Outskirts area.

The Fallen have the most prominent presence in the European Dead Zone. Their banner can be seen flying high up on the buildings within the Trostland, and they are present throughout the destination.

The European Dead Zone feels much more alive with places to explore and things to do, which is good because Bungie has said there will be more reasons to go to these destinations in Destiny 2, such as the new weekly Flashpoint activity that will send players to one of the game’s destinations each week to complete public events and tasks for high-level rewards.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and on October 24, 2017 for Pc.