Secret Area Discovered in Destiny 2’s New European Aerial Zone

destiny 2 secret area discovered in european aerial zone

Destiny 2 players have discovered a hidden area underneath the new European Aerial Zone activity that was added to the game as part of the current Solstice of Heroes event. While this secret area is mostly empty, its existence is leading many to believe that there may be a secret quest that will involve this location.

It is possible to glitch into this hidden area that is normally blocked off by implementing the commonly-used Destiny 2 Sparrow trick. To get to the area, head left after spawning into the European Aerial Zone and go down below the floating island. Eventually, players will reach a sort of tunnel in the side of the rock. At the end, there is a drain pipe blocked by a gate. Hop on a Sparrow and then get next to the gate and hop off the Sparrow. If done correctly, the game will glitch players through the gate and into the area.

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The secret area is currently unpopulated by any enemies, but there is one statue that looks identical to the cat statues hidden around the Dreaming City. Unlike those statues, this one cannot be activated by using a Small Gift like those in the Dreaming City, with this one currently serving as just part of the environment. It is currently unknown why this is here or when this area of the game may come into play.

Some are theorizing that it will have to do with a secret exotic quest for the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher connected to Solar Week, which is pure speculation at this point but a popular fan theory going around the Destiny community. 

It is common for fans to discover these areas ahead of their use in the game, with fans finding similar hidden areas with some that were tied to the quests for The Last Word and Bad Juju, for example. There aren’t any other leads specifically regarding this newly discovered area in the game’s database or files.

At this point, fans will have to wait and see what other secrets may be tied to this area but considering its connection to Solstice of Heroes, it’s likely to be used soon as the event ends at the end of August.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Mesa Sean (YouTube)

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