With the very successful open beta having wrapped up a couple weeks ago, Destiny 2 is quickly approaching its release date on consoles. Things got even a little more real as the Entertainment Software Ratings Board has finally rated the game, a sign that a title is officially nearing release. While some ESRB ratings have occasionally given fans hints at plot points, the rating for the forthcoming shooter appears to be pretty similar to what fans saw and heard from the first title.

According to the ESRB, Destiny 2 has been given a T for Teen rating, which keeps it in line with its predecessor. As expected, the rating cites violence, language, and blood, as the major factors for this teen rating – all of which open beta players got a taste of during the first story mission known as Homecoming. That mission aligns perfectly with the ESRB’s description of the violence in the game where battles are frenetic with large explosions and realistic gunfire.

Interestingly enough, the description goes a bit deeper into the violence aspect of the game, confirming that players will not only see dramatic spaceship battles, but characters are also seen to be strangled and electrocuted. Based on the ending of the first story mission in the beta, fans got a taste at just how calculating and brutal the Red Legion can be. With the amount of work Bungie has put into revamping the story as well as utilizing cut scenes, it will be interesting to see if these violent descriptions are the result of further attacks by Ghaul and his Red Legion, or something else entirely.

In the end, the rating is pretty standard fare and shouldn’t be very surprising based on what players are expecting from a game like Destiny. One major change from the previous game is that players will no longer have to venture to the Internet to read about Destiny lore. Not only is Bungie attempting to handle that all in-game with a narrative driven campaign and cutscenes, but new patrol missions will also fill in the gaps. Known as Adventures, these patrol missions are pegged as being short, narrative focused side missions that expand on the world, character motivations, and more.

Destiny 2 arrives on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the PC release following suit on October 24.

Source: ESRB