Destiny 2 Details How Enhancement Cores Will Work


It didn't take long after the launch of Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion for the scarcity of Masterwork Cores in the newly designed sandbox to become a common complaint among players. Developer Bungie has detailed how Masterwork Cores are set to change in a game update next week, starting with a name change to Enhancement Cores.

That name change stems from how the role of Masterwork Cores have changed since they were first introduced in Destiny 2. In what was basically a band-aid for the game during its first year until Bungie had time to revamp many of the game's systems in Forsaken, Masterwork gear was added to the game to give players an additional pursuit. Dismantling Masterwork weapons and armor would grant Masterwork Cores that could then be used to Masterwork another weapon.

Now that Bungie has fully realized the changes to Masterworking, Infusion, and more, Masterwork Cores needed an update. The name Enhancement Cores should clarify the item a bit more considering that it's being used for more than just Masterwork gear now. But more importantly than a name change, Enhancement Cores will be more readily available.

Players will now be able to earn Enhancement Cores from completing Scrapper Bounties and six of Spider's weekly bounties. Players can find Spider's bounties by visiting the vendor on the Tangled Shore, while Scrapper Bounties are a random drop that can happen when dismantling gear.

The last change to Enhancement Cores that Bungie detailed in its weekly blog is a minor quality of life one, which will make Enhancement Cores more visible in the loot feed. Right now, Masterwork Cores appear on the UI as a small orange icon, so while Bungie has yet to show off what this change will look like, expect the appearance of Enhancement Cores to be more prominent.

These changes will come to Destiny 2 in Update 2.0.5 on Tuesday, October 30 at 9 a.m. Pacific.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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