Bungie announced today that the Bungie Foundation is partnering with Direct Relief, a non-profit currently bolstering relief efforts in Houston, Texas. Bungie is offering an exclusive pin for purchase through the Bungie Store for $15, with all profits going to Direct Relief in support of Hurricane Harvey relief. Bungie is also including an exclusive Destiny 2 emblem with the pin to help sweeten the donation pot.

Community Manager DeeJ wrote up a letter from Bungie about making a meaningful impact when it matters most:

“If you’ve been following current events, or even have friends or family caught in the storm, chances are high that Houston is on your mind right now. The rising floodwaters brought on by Hurricane Harvey continue to impact the people of Texas, and the storm isn’t over. People need our help.”

The pin features three red hearts with a silvery metal border, and the emblem is similar but with a blue background. When on full display, the blue in-game background is speckled with various Destiny-related symbols. It may not be the type of rare emblems players earn in-game, but it will send a very different and positive message to Destiny 2 players when joining a fireteam.

Bungie Selling Pin with Destiny 2 Emblem for Houston Charity

The Bungie Foundation is the Destiny and Halo developer’s official charity, through which partnerships like this one with Direct Relief or other major charities and organizations can come to fruition. Previous partnerships include making many Make-A-Wish wishes come true, an annual “Men In Kilts” fundraising competition for the Seattle Ronald McDonald House, support for the “iPads for Kids” program at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and much more. Sales from the Bungie store are often shifted directly into the Bungie Foundation and the love is forwarded on from there.

This isn’t the first time that Bungie has partnered with Direct Relief, either. In 2015 following a major earthquake in Nepal, a special t-shirt was offered that included an exclusive Destiny shader and emblem. The charity drive was a huge success, with the Bungie Foundation raising over $1 million via thousands of shirt sales.

The Bungie community rallied for Nepal and made a huge difference. Hopefully, that success is mirrored and redoubled for Houston, Texas. Every purchase makes a difference, and Bungie is making it a very easy decision for Destiny 2 fans. Check out the official Bungie Store for more information.

Destiny 2 releases September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by an October 24 release on PC.

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