Destiny 2 Adding Exclusive Emblem for Fashionable Guardians

destiny 2 exclusive fashion emblem in shadowkeep

For many players of Destiny 2, the way their Guardian looks matters tremendously. With many options for armor and shaders in the game, the customization options are numerous. And with the game's move toward Armor 2.0 in this fall's Shadowkeep expansion, players should have more control than ever to build the exact armor set in both looks and function.

With that in mind, developer Bungie is adding a new exclusive emblem to Destiny 2 with the Shadowkeep expansion, which the developer will award monthly to the most fashionable Guardians. To get the emblem, players will have to win "a fashion show of sorts" that Bungie will host.

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Bungie will release more details in the future about how players can participate in this fashion show, and ultimately earn this exclusive emblem, which is similar to how the developer awards another limited emblem to those whose videos make it into the Movie of the Week section of the developer's weekly blog.

destiny 2 fashion emblem

In the lore of the game, the emblem is awarded by Eva Levante, who used to be the Guardian outfitter in Destiny 1 and a source for emblems and shaders. In Destiny 2, Eva Levante has become the character associated with special events like the current Solstice of Heroes event. But Bungie is making a nod to her original role in the Tower.

The inclusion of this new fashion emblem in Shadowkeep and Year 3 hopefully signals that Bungie's promise of the flexibility of Armor 2.0 letting players have more control of the way their Guardians look along with building in the exact perk sets they want will pay off.

Many players have wanted some sort of transmog option in the game even going back to Destiny 1, and if all goes right, Armor 2.0 might finally be the answer to those players' requests. In his Director's Cut commentary, Luke Smith said that with the launch of Shadowkeep, all Legendary armor across the game will drop as Armor 2.0, which allows players who have a favorite armor piece or set from a certain activity to go back and chase exactly what they want.

And clearly, those players who can build one of the coolest-looking and most fashionable Guardians out there will be rewarded for their efforts with this exclusive emblem that will likely be pretty rare among the player base as a whole.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a Stadia version also in development.

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Source: Bungie

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