While many Destiny fans are poring over every facet of the Destiny 2 beta looking for clues about the full game, others are simply enjoying the ride. Developer Bungie has given fans a brief taste of the Destiny 2 experience, from Strikes, to story missions, to PvP. There are also be a few Easter Eggs in there for them to seek out.

It may be a short story mission, but Homecoming has offered a lot of info for Destiny 2 hopefuls to digest, especially those that have a longstanding relationship with the series. But there is one small Easter Egg that we noticed while exploring the Tower area in Homecoming that could be quite upsetting for some.

Some may have already noticed it, but the attack on the Tower in the Homecoming mission features plenty of casualties, but the one that stood out to us is our good buddy, the purple ball. Since Destiny’s release in 2014, fans have used the floating purple ball as a means of entertainment, a cure for boredom, and even a competitive item. The purple ball became so popular, in fact, that it seemingly inspired Bungie to create a whole soccer field in Destiny 2’s Earth social space, The Farm.

destiny 2 ball tower

Over the course of Destiny 1 the purple ball became something of a fixture. Some players found creative ways to interact with it, while others used it to help them access new areas in The Tower social space. It was hard not to at least give the ball a loving nudge while passing it by, even if the Tower visit was brief.

Unfortunately, since The Tower is no more so is the purple ball. But rather than leave things hanging, like with the Cryptarch’s whereabouts, Bungie wanted to offer players some resolution. Granted, it’s not the resolution that we were hoping for, but Destiny 2 promised to be an emotional journey.

All kidding aside, there are likely tons of small details like this packed into Destiny 2 that fans of the first game will enjoy seeking out. Yes, the sequel is trying to be as welcoming as possible to new players, but three years with one game has to account for something. If there are more Easter Eggs in the beta rest assured fans will have found them before the weekend is over, likely even sooner.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.