When players first log in to the Destiny 2 beta and select a character, they are thrust into an opening cutscene and the game’s first story mission, called Homecoming. It’s the same mission (albeit the full version) that has been shown off at previous events featuring Destiny 2, where players go through the Tower under Red Legion attack.

Players with a keen sense of hearing and a willingness to go a bit off the beaten path will find an Easter egg in the Tower hangar. While exploring the hangar, players will notice that the jukebox is glitching and looping “Hope For the Future”, the Paul McCarthney song that plays during the original credits.

Those who have come to Destiny in recent years not know anything about the storied history of Paul McCartney and his involvement in Bungie’s sci-fi shooter. As a refresher, when Destiny 1 was in development, it was announced that longtime Bungie employee and composer of the legendary Halo soundtracks, Marty O’Donnell, was partnering with the former Beatle to create the soundtrack for Destiny.

paul mccartney bungie destiny collaboration

Part of that partnership involved an original song by McCartney, which was titled “Hope For the Future.” As mentioned, it played in the end credits when players finished the original campaign of vanilla Destiny, and then even got its own music video.

The song itself landed to mixed reviews with fans, but before the House of Wolves expansion was released, Bungie issued an update to Destiny and told fans there was a new audio Easter egg in the game. It didn’t take long for fans to discover a jukebox had been added in the Tower lounge, and among a mix of songs from the Destiny soundtrack was “Hope for the Future.”

The Easter egg in the Destiny 2 beta (which will surely also carry over to the full game) is a fun nod to those longtime fans that remember the song and the story that goes along with it. Bungie appears to be adding all sorts of references and in-jokes to Destiny 1 in the sequel, including another Easter egg featuring the Tower’s famous purple ball. Who knows what other Easter eggs may be lurking in the beta and beyond.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.