Destiny 2: Dreaming City to Feature Exotic Quests, Hidden Areas, and More

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This month’s Game Informer dropped a ton of new information about Destiny 2’s September Forsaken expansion, including some interesting new details about the Dreaming City. In the article, Bungie announced that the Dreaming City will feature a ton of new content and activities, including exotic quests and public events for Destiny 2 players to take on after the main campaign.

The Dreaming City is the endgame patrol zone that players will get to explore, and Bungie has confirmed that the area will not be accessible until after players beat the Forsaken story. The Dreaming City will be approximately the size of Nessus in terms of explorable area, and will feature new quests, public events, and a new activity. The raid in the Dreaming City, in an area called Keep of Voices, will also continue the story from the Forsaken campaign.

The new activity in the Dreaming City is now officially called the Blind Well, which seems to be similar to past Destiny events like Court of Oryx, Archon’s Forge, and Escalation Protocol. Players will be able to give offerings to some vast cathedral structure, and then take on enemies with three-to-six players. Taken poison gas will prohibit certain areas of the field, forcing players into certain spots for combat, and more areas will open up as the event progresses. Eventually, players will be able to take on some sort of boss.

New Public Events and exotic quests will also be available in the Dreaming City, including a new tower defense style Public Event dubbed Rift Generator. Petra Venj is the vendor for the area, and she moves around the city as time progresses, as the Dreaming City changes as players experience all the city has to offer.

The Taken seem to be one of the main enemy types within the City, as a Taken blight has consumed part of the location. Players will have to fight against this scourge to protect the Awoken home. The Taken curse will change the landscape and events as time progresses. This may mean that the Taken will be the primary enemy in the Keep of Voices raid, which will feature plenty of bosses for players to take down. With all these new details coming in, it definitely seems like Forsaken is bringing quite the endgame experience for dedicated Destiny 2 fans.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer

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