Destiny 2 Theory Explains How Players Will End the Dreaming City Curse

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Following a first year that was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for players, Destiny 2 began to right the ship once the Forsaken expansion arrived thanks to a well made campaign, three new subclasses, and plenty of other activities that have since become pillars of the current game. Once Riven and the Last Wish raid was completed, The Dreaming City zone evolved from what players first experienced by changing slightly over a three week cycle, which changed the featured enemies, look and feel of the zone, and unlocked certain features like the Shattered Throne dungeon. Nearly a year later, the cycle continues the grind, causing players to wonder if it is ever going to end.

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One such player known as Sweatcicle, discusses the idea in a new video by looking through the Truth to Power lore entry called act/choose/react, a strange pick your adventure style narrative. While the lore book itself is full of deception and trickery, one section of the entry mentioned that reaching Light Level 999 and beating Dul Incaru solo in the Shattered Throne will unlock the true ending of the Dreaming City. The findings have caused all sorts of speculation from the Destiny 2 community about what this could unlock with ideas ranging from activating Wish 15 or even ending the three week curse cycle for good.

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The idea of actually breaking The Dreaming City curse to allow the game to move forward also aligns with what Bungie is planning to do for seasons starting with Season of the Undying. As Luke Smith teased in his final Director's Cut blog, each season will contain a certain situation that will ultimately be resolved by the end of it and setting up a new situation for the upcoming next season. It'll be interesting how this translates to players who ultimately purchase the new Annual Pass later or those who may miss a part of or the entirety of a season. At this time, Bungie has not revealed how or if it plans to onboard players who arrive late.

Prior to the Shadowkeep reveal, this lore passage likely wouldn't be given much attention for the fact that the Power Level is currently capped out at 750. However, Shadowkeep was recently confirmed to not have a power level cap, meaning level 999 is possible and with talented solo master players like Esoterickk around, soloing Dul Incaru at that power level is all but certain. In a recent interview, design lead Benjamin Wommack revealed that Shadowkeep has a soft lock of 900 Power and a hard lock at 960. However, players can get their power levels even higher than the hard cap through the use of seasonal artifacts, like Eye of the Gate Lord.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep releases October 1, 2019 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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