After almost 19 hours, the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2: Forsaken has been beaten. Once again Clan Redeem claimed World’s First and in the process solidified its place as one of the premiere Destiny clans. But more than that, Redeem’s raid completion has brought change to the Destiny 2 world.


For those that might not yet be high enough power to complete the raid (or even the first boss encounter), the basic story of the endgame encounter involves slaying Riven, an Ahamkara, and taking its heart. But as it turns out, defeating Riven is exactly what the dragon wanted.

Upon completion by Clan Redeem, a new cutscene appeared while loading into the Dreaming City, with Petra Venj wrestling with the fact that she opened the gates to the Awoken homeworld and sent the Guardians after Riven. Now, she hopes to fix her mistake. Apparently, a curse has been unleashed on the Dreaming City.

destiny 2 curse unleashed

Once the cutscene ends, players will note that nothing has changed with the look of the Dreaming City…yet. In the meantime, head to Petra who will give a new mission called “Broken Courier.” This is a new quest step for Destiny 2: Forsaken’s story and it promises to reward powerful gear. Bungie teased that the Dreaming City would be the site of endgame secrets and mysteries and it appears this raid completion is the first step towards new discoveries.

What exactly lies at the end of the new Dreaming City quest is unclear, but what is clear is that Destiny 2: Forsaken’s story is not over yet. There is still more to do and according to Bungie the Dreaming City will continue to evolve over time. Presumably, now that Riven has been slain more evil will start to take over the area.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.