On the surface, the new Leviathan raid in Destiny 2 might seem like a massive place, but players actually have no idea how big it is until they do a little exploring. While the meat of the raid is composed of a large hub area and four split off “boss fight” rooms, there is also an expansive labyrinth that connects everything underneath Emperor Calus’ ship.

It is in this labyrinth that players will find the areas where they can use their Drain key, their Aqueduct key, and their Conduit key. It’s quite difficult to get to each area, so first we will focus on the Drain key, which is a random reward for completing the Bathing Pools section of the Destiny 2 raid.

Unlocking the Underground Area

The first step to activate the underground labyrinth of the Leviathan is to head underneath the starting bridge. There, players will find a set of three stations with two switches on opposite sides, for six switches in total.

From left to right, the switches should be numbered 1 through 6 and each player should take a number. Then pull the switches in the order: 1,5,3,2,4,6

If done correctly, the fireteam should get a message that says, “The Way is Open.” Head to the front of the entrance area and go a few levels up. Look for two pipes heading into darkness and follow them until you reach a series of consoles that will activate a lift. Take the lift and enter the labyrinth, which connects to areas like the Gauntlet and the Pleasure Gardens.

While it is possible to explain how to get to the Drain Key chest with text, it’s best to offer a visual representation. Check out the video below via Anna Meital:

Defeat the Watchers to Unlock the Chest Room

Once players reach the area with the Watchers, they will need to plan accordingly. If a Watcher spots any player, the room with the Drain Key chest will close and enemies will spawn. The team will then need to clear the room, advance to a loading section, and then return and try again.

destiny 2 raid watcher detect

The best bet is to split up into groups of two and attack the Watchers instantly and kill them quickly. If successful, the back area of the room will stay open and players can use their Drain Key on the chest to collect some raid loot.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases October 24th.