Destiny 2 DLC Won't Be Delayed on PC

Although Destiny has always been a multi-platform game, there are elements of the title that made it feel like one console was ahead of the other. Certain exotic weapons, maps, and missions were available on PS4 well before they were on Xbox One, which put one community in a different place than the other. But the good news was always that core Destiny content was always available at the same time – from The Dark Below to Rise of Iron, everything hit simultaneously.

Now, with Destiny 2 releasing on PC there has been some concern that things might change. As most know, Destiny 2 will not be releasing for PC on September 6th, but instead will arrive over a month later, on October 24th.

Considering that, PC players have voiced concerns that DLC releases for Destiny 2 might also be delayed, although there is no evidence to support those claims. Thankfully, Bungie has come forward to confirm that no such delay will affect DLC on any platform, and all post-release content will launch on all three simultaneously.

While there was no reason to think that the DLC might be delayed on PC, the fact that the main game will release a little later had those players concerned. But it seems the delay is only meant to ensure the PC experience runs as advertised, not to tweak any in-game content.

PC games are a completely different beast from console games, offering numerous customization options as well as support for higher resolutions and frame rates. But console is still the primary focus for Bungie and Activision, and so the companies felt it was better to delay the PC version separately and have a staggered release, rather than delay all three versions together.

As far as Destiny 2’s expansion is concerned, fans know very little about Bungie’s post-release DLC. There is some evidence to suggest the first piece of DLC will release in December, but that is only based on past history with the franchise and DLC releases, not anything Bungie has said directly.

Destiny 2’s DLC will certainly be intriguing, though, if the key art is any indication. With the symbol of Osiris brandishing DLC 1’s banner, many have speculated that the first expansion will explore the character of Osiris along with introducing Destiny 2’s version of Trials.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.

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