Destiny 2 Second DLC Expansion Confirmed for Spring 2018 Release

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Destiny 2 fans are sure to be happy that the first major expansion for Destiny 2 will release in just over a month on December 5, 2017. But accompanying the announcement of Curse of Osiris's release date, Bungie also revealed that Expansion 2 will release in spring 2018.

Expansion 2, which remains untitled, is the second major piece of DLC that comes in the game's Expansion Pass after Curse of Osiris. A spring release coincides with the release schedule developer Bungie often employed with Destiny 1, with both Year 1's House of Wolves expansion and two major April updates following in Years 2 and 3.

If Bungie follows suit with Destiny 2, players can expect the second expansion to show up around April or May 2018. It's too soon to say, but this would also hint toward Destiny 2 staying on its usual DLC schedule, which if taken further, would mean an even larger expansion in the fall of 2018.

destiny 2 expansions art

Outside of some hints garnered from the promo art for Expansion 2, almost nothing is known about it. The first art showed the logo for the Warmind Rasputin, who also gets some mentions in the Adventures in Destiny 2. The new key art released in the Curse of Osiris announcement trailer appears to show a female Guardian with a Ghost being the dominant object in the picture. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the second Destiny 2 DLC, but given how far off its release date is, fans are unlikely to hear anything substantial anytime soon. Depending on how Curse of Osiris wraps up, there may some hints there, but most Destiny DLC's do not tie into each other.

While Expansion 2's details will remain shrouded in mystery for now, more is being revealed officially about Curse of Osiris, which will contain new story missions, cinematics, Mercury's Infinite Forest explorable Patrol Space with world activities including a world quest, The Lighthouse social space, new strikes, and new raid content.

Fans have just five weeks to wait until Curse of Osiris launches, and Bungie is planning three reveal streams in November to talk about the expansion.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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