Destiny 2 hasn’t even released yet, but there are new theories about the release date for the game’s first major expansion. A handful of trailers for the game’s upcoming pre-order bonuses may have revealed a December 5, 2017 launch date for Destiny 2‘s Expansion 1. 

In the trailers, December 5 is identified as the day that pre-order exclusives such as the Coldheart exotic and Kill-Tracker Ghost will be made available to all players in the game. If the three-year history of Destiny 1 has anything to say, the day that formerly exclusive content is added to the game usually coincides with the release of DLC. So following that same logic, Destiny 2 players should expect the DLC to launch on or around December 5th.

It just so happens that December 5 is a Tuesday, which is the preferred day to release video games as well as the day of Destiny 2‘s weekly reset. Activision and Bungie have already said that the first expansion for Destiny 2 would release in Winter 2017, so the date certainly coincides with that window. All the evidence points towards the likelihood of Destiny 2‘s first major DLC coming December 5, but of course that will need to be confirmed by Activision and Bungie. 

destiny 2 expansion 1 release date fine print

Absolutely nothing is known about Destiny 2‘s first expansion, but the placeholder image for the DLC features the symbol of Osiris. Based off that, the assumption is that it will be focused around the character of Osiris and could possibly introduce Destiny 2‘s version of Trials of Osiris, rumored to be called Trials of the Nine. That is, if the PvP mode doesn’t debut before the first expansion. 

The Destiny 2 season pass, which includes both expansions, is packaged with numerous versions of Destiny 2 but it can be purchased separately as well. It’s unlikely Bungie or Activision will confirm a release date for DLC until after the launch of Destiny 2 in September, but these are early clues about when fans can expect more content for the game.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24th for PC.