While most players are focused on the main content of Destiny 2, which is set to release in less than a week, others are still curious about what’s next. Destiny 2 may start on September 6th, but there is still much more on the calendar that Bungie has yet to reveal. And if a recent report is to be believed, then the next major step for Destiny 2 may come in December.

According to a report from Kotaku, the first DLC expansion for Destiny 2 will be called The Curse of Osiris. As the name implies, the new content will center on the character of Osiris, a mysterious warrior and namesake of the Trials of Osiris PvP mode.

Mercury and The Lighthouse

As far as content is concerned, The Curse of Osiris is reported to include a new patrol area on the planet Mercury. It will also unlock Destiny 1’s Lighthouse as a social space, presumably with new vendors and quest givers.

Destiny Lighthouse Mercury

The Lighthouse always seemed like a destination meant for more than just a reward chest. There were paths and tables that were set up just like a social space would. And now finally, non-PvP players will be able to see what all the fuss over The Lighthouse is about.

Meeting Osiris

The story portion of The Curse of Osiris will center on a rescue mission, wherein the player’s Guardian will try to save Osiris from the Vex. Of all the details, this gives the report the most validity, as it has already been strongly implied that the first Destiny 2 DLC Expansion would star the Vex.

Bungie has ticked all of the boxes with Destiny 2, finally giving players a major encounter with the Cabal and presumably a raid starring them too. So now it’s time to wrap back around to the Vex, who have taken a backseat for quite a while in Destiny. It’s safe to assume that the machines have kept busy in the interim, and whatever they are doing with Osiris cannot be good.

New Raid?

While a lot of the reported content for The Curse of Osiris sounds intriguing, it’s hard not to wonder whether the first DLC will offer a new raid. Destiny 1‘s first DLC introduced Crota’s End, but that raid is considered the least popular among the community. Some even consider it a glorified Strike, rather than a fully-fledged raid.


So the obvious question is: will The Curse of Osiris have a new raid? We know that more studios were brought on to help Bungie with post-release content, and the hope was that this would lead to more raids. However, this report makes no mention of a second Destiny 2 raid.

Are the Rumors True?

Given the Osiris theme, all of the details seem to make sense, especially considering the logo for the DLC is Osiris’ symbol. Players had long suspected that The Lighthouse might eventually become a social space, although in Destiny 1 not Destiny 2, and Mercury is an environment ripe for exploration.

Moreover, Osiris is a character in Destiny lore that players have been dying to learn more about. There is plenty of info floating around about Osiris, but most of it is relegated to the Grimoire cards. But with Destiny 2 doing away with Grimoire cards in favor of putting the story directly into the game, there should be plenty to learn about Osiris come December.

destiny 2 expansion 1 and 2 art

Of course, although The Curse of Osiris DLC sounds like a PvE-focused expansion, there is likely some PvP content to look forward to as well. If Trials of Osiris, or a mode similar to Trials of Osiris, is not already in Destiny 2 by the time December rolls around, then it is very likely that this DLC will come packaged with the PvP experience.

No matter whether this report is true or not, fans can likely expect Bungie to start talking about DLC sooner rather than later. The studio did the same thing with Dark Below and House of Wolves, and with new development studios on-board to help with post-release content it shouldn’t be long before Curse of Osiris (or whatever it is called) is officially revealed.

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One, and October 24 for PC.