The long-awaited Iron Banner is finally arriving in Destiny 2 today and with it comes a new multiplayer map for Guardians to fight it out on. The limited time Crucible event features Control matches and will run for seven days, ending on Tuesday, October 17.

The new map, Distant Shore, was announced on Bungie’s official Twitter yesterday where the developer also revealed it would be coming to all Destiny 2 playlists following the Iron Banner event’s completion. Fans of Destiny might recognize the stage, as it is a remake of the Shores of Time map from the first game.

This is the first remade map to be added into Destiny 2 and, judging by comments on the game’s online forums, fans are happy with the decision to bring back old favorites. Now that one iconic map is making a return to our screens, it stands to reason that there might be several more Destiny originals returning in the game’s sequel in the coming months.

Recently, Bungie confirmed that playing the Iron Banner mode will once again grant players Tokens, which can be exchanged with Lord Saladin to earn special rewards including some stylish new armor and a range of powerful weapons. Like with any Destiny set, the Iron Banner gear has its own aesthetic and theme, boasting a dark green and silver tint for weapons and a Samurai look for armor.

In the wake of Destiny 2‘s release, fans praised the game for making changes that had been requested since the launch of its predecessor. But although quality of life in Destiny 2 seems to be a big improvement on the first title, the endgame experience is often seen as severely lacking. While Iron Banner is sure to add a little variety to the experience, an upcoming feature called Seasons sounds like it might be a more promising direction for the MMO-inspired shooter.

More will be revealed about the mysterious new feature in a livestream on October 20th, so players won’t have to wait long in order to learn more about the changes coming to Destiny 2. In the mean time, Guardians everywhere can keep themselves busy with the Iron Banner event when it launches in a matter of hours.

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it will launch on October 24, 2017 for PC.