Destiny 2 Director's Blog Post is Now 20 Pages Long, Will Come in Parts

luke smith to publish manifesto

Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2, will publish the first part of a lengthy blog post tomorrow (8/13) about the state of the game since developer Bungie’s departure from Activision earlier this year. It's uncertain as to how many parts this Destiny 2 blog will have, but it will be a lengthy read.

Last week, Bungie announced the dates for some upcoming reveals about the game’s new Shadowkeep expansion. Shadowkeep will be the company’s first expansion since it set out on its own. One of the reveals, a blog post about the state of the game written by the Destiny 2 director, ran late because it ballooned into an 8-page manifesto. Now, it has grown even more to a whopping 20 pages.

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Bungie has a history of poor communication around its Destiny franchise. In the days of Activision, the company would release patches with minimal notes. The community has always pushed back against these issues and has remained vocal about its disdain for Bungie’s secretive nature surrounding the Destiny franchise. But earlier this year, when Bungie broke out in its own, the company promised to offer a lot more transparency about the changes and future plans it has in store for the popular shooter.

Since then, Bungie has kept its word. The company publishes weekly blog posts about development and it spilled the beans in a big way at E3 about a lot of upcoming features that the community has wanted for a while. Now, the team at Bungie looks to be continuing that trend. While the company hasn’t revealed anything specific about the content of Smith’s Director’s Cut, the director has apparently written a lot. His openness with the community about the length of the post teases a very forthcoming new era for Destiny 2.

This openness has translated to a ton of information such as the announced support for Destiny 2 cross saves and a bunch of other exciting features being revealed, but as for the exact contents of Smith’s Director’s Cut, fans will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Destiny 2 is out now on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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