Destiny 2 Digital Bonuses Revealed


Developer Bungie and publisher Activision have revealed the three digital bonuses Destiny 2 players will earn when they buy the Digital Deluxe, Limited Edition, or Collector's Edition of the upcoming sequel. When pricing and retail options were first announced, the publisher confirmed that a special sword, emote, and emblem would be available, but it's only now that fans can see what they actually look like.

GameStop's product pages for Destiny 2 identify that both the sword and the emote are Legendary items, and the emblem is themed after the Cabal Empire. Here they are:

destiny 2 digital bonuses

Clearly, the emblem is a broken chalice, the meaning of which and how it fits in with the Cabal is unknown. And the sword has a white, gold, and silver color scheme. It's harder to tell what the emote is, although it appears as though the Guardian is in a shooting stance or performing some sort of shooting action as if holding a hand cannon.

This advertisement is specifically pushing the PS4's Digital Deluxe version, which costs $99.99 US, and in addition to the Premium Digital Content above, also includes the game's Expansion Pass (giving access to two future expansions). But that's not the only way to get this content.

The Premium Digital Content is also included in the physical Limited Edition of the game, which is exclusively at sale at GameStop for $99.99. It also includes a Steelbook case and other physical collector's items. Finally, there's also the Collector's Edition, which contains everything in the Limited Edition, plus a Frontier Bag and Kit. Those are sold out at this point, but retails for $249 US.

destiny 2 collectors edition frontier bag

As for the question whether that digital content is worth the extra price tag, that's something fans will have to decide for themselves, but at least see what that content is may help. Keep in mind that in the Digital Deluxe Edition, where there are no physical items included, the digital content accounts for about $5 of the price.

The base game costs $60, the Expansion Pass costs $35 by itself, so that leaves the last $5 being the price for that content. However, that's not all—for those who don't care much for the digital items but still want the Expansion Pass, the best deal is the Game + Expansion Pass bundle which runs $89.99, $10 cheaper than the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Destiny 2 will launch September 8, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox. The game will launch on PC at an unannounced later date.

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