Destiny 2 Adds New Difficulty Changes, Heroic Strike Modifiers with Season 3

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Destiny 2’s second expansion, Warmind, launches today and a series of changes come along with it. As with every new season in Destiny 2, Bungie released patch notes that break down the major changes that season three will bring, including enemy difficulty changes and exotic weapon reworks.

First and foremost, high level enemies are getting a buff to make them deadlier. Fans of vanilla Destiny will remember stumbling upon high level enemies accidentally who were immune to all incoming damage. That feature is coming to Destiny 2, as enemies that are 50 power levels higher than the player will be immune to incoming damage, and will likely decimate the player as their damage will scale with their power level. This will likely have a large impact on Destiny 2's end-game activity Escalation Protocol.

Damage dealt by players will also be relative to the power level of both the player and the enemy. This is a big step toward making Destiny 2 more challenging for players. Energy weapon damage is also being retooled so that it will do 3x damage if the element matches the shield, 2x if it does not. Kinetic weapons deal no bonus damage.

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Heroic Strikes will now feature modifiers that rotate on a daily and weekly basis. There will be an elemental burn that increases damage from a given element that rotates on a weekly basis. Players will also have one advantage and one disadvantage that rotates on a daily basis.

Season 3 also marks the start of ranked crucible play. There are two crucible ranks, Valor and Glory. Players will be able to rank up, in quickplay and competitive respectively, to earn new seasonal rewards, including the new pulse rifle Redrix’s Claymore.

The other notable change is the inclusion of the Prismatic Matrix to Eververse. The new consumable gives players one item on the matrix tree, which rotates each week. The tree is on a knockout system, so players should save their Prismatic Facets for the end of the week after unlocking items through the new bright engrams for season three – the Prototype Engram. Players can hold up to three facets, so you can save up and use them if one week has a lot of interesting items in the Matrix.

Lastly, many exotics have been reworked, such as the Graviton Lance. These go a long way to helping exotic weapons feel more powerful in the sandbox, and filling the power fantasy that they were designed for.

The strike improvements and quality of life changes, like increased vault space and multi-emote wheel, go a long way toward making Destiny 2 a better game. The crucible rank system is a great step toward giving players something to chase after. Hopefully, the rest of Warmind gives players more to grind for in the quest for max power.

Destiny 2 Warmind is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bungie

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